Zoom Phone End-of-Life (EOL) IP Phone Models Support Policy

Each of the manufacturers of our IP Phones has established his or her own End-of-Life Policy. With Zoom’s End-of-Life Support Policy, users who are transitioning to newer technology or next generation solutions can continue to use IP Phone models that are at different levels of end-of-life with hardware partners.

Zoom End Of Life (EOL) devices are not guaranteed to be fully supported to the customer’s satisfaction. This includes any support for any functional issues with these products that are nearing the end of their useful life. However, Zoom will use reasonable efforts to resolve any functional issues directly related to these products that are nearing the end of their lives. Support for Zoom EOL products excludes any updates or patches related to security. In addition, Zoom may provide the following limited support:

  • Troubleshooting of devices
  • Review of device configuration
  • Analysis of device logs

Customer acknowledges and agrees that:

  • Customer satisfaction cannot be guaranteed from EOL Support.
  • As soon as the manufacturer ceases firmware releases, Zoom will follow its EOL policy.
  • The Zoom features of manufacturer-eligible devices will be supported up to and including the final firmware release of their manufacturer.
  • Despite the manufacturer’s announcement of End of Service support for certain models, Zoom continues to support them for an additional five years.
  • The existing EOL devices on Zoom Phone will still be listed on the end user portal 5 years after their release. However, all technical support will be halted after that.
  • Customers with existing Zoom service agreements will still be eligible to receive support.
  • A customer may be at risk of a security breach if they are using an old phone model. In the event that the phone model is no longer produced, Zoom will not determine whether security risks or vulnerabilities exist. Any security risks or vulnerabilities shall be assumed by the customer.
  • The EOL Support policy may be changed at Zoom’s discretion at any time.
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Manufacturer EOL policy References:

Poly End of Life Policy
Yealink End of Life Policy

Manufacturer End of Support timeline Reference Table:

Manufacturer Model MF End of Support (estimated)
Poly SoundPoint IP 335 Dec 2019
SoundPoint IP 550/560 Dec 2019
SoundPoint IP 650 Dec 2019
SoundStation IP 5000/ 6000 Q1 CY2026
Trio 8500 Q1 2026
VVX 300/310 Sep 2021
VVX 400/410 Sep 2021
VVX 500 Sep 2021
VVX 600 Sep 2021
VVX 101 Q1 CY2026
VVX 201 Q1 CY2026
VVX 301 Q1 CY2026
VVX 311 Q1 CY2026
VVX 401 Q1 CY2026
VVX 411 Q1 CY2026
VVX 500/501 Q1 CY2026
VVX 600/601 Q1 CY2026


T21P Jul 2020
T23G Feb 2023
T27G Feb 2023
T27P Feb 2023
T29G Feb 2023
T40G Feb 2023
T41P Apr 2025
T42G / T46G / T48G Apr 2025
AudioCodes  405 CY2019
420HD CY2019
440HD CY2019
450HD CY2019