Advanced polling and quizzing for Zoom meetings

You can create single or multiple choice polling questions on the meetings polling feature for meetings, which adds matching, ranked choice, short answer, or long answer polling options to the polling questions. You can also use the poll to act as a quiz if you enter the correct answers.

In order to collect responses from participants during the meeting, you will be able to launch the poll during the meeting itself. The polling reports give detailed information about the results, such as the answers of each participant and the time at which they submitted the survey, and these reports can be made available after the meeting, or during the live session if desired. It is possible to conduct polls anonymously, if you do not wish the results of the poll to be associated with participant information.

A basic poll can also be created and launched.

It is also possible to create standard polls in a webinar as well as more advanced polls.

Prerequisites for advanced polling and quizzes for meetings

  • Licensed users must be the type of host user
  • who has enabled advanced polling and quizzing during the meeting
  • in the Zoom desktop application
    • which is compatible with Windows versions 5.8.3 and above
    • and Mac OS versions 5.8.3 or later
    • and Linux versions 5.8.3 or later
  • by using the Zoom mobile application
    • on Android versions 5.8.3 or higher
    • and on iOS versions 5.8.3 or higher
  • using the web client
  • Whether the meeting is an immediate or a scheduled meeting, you must use your Personal Meeting ID in order to access the meeting
Note : In iOS and Android, users can participate in polls from their mobile devices, but hosts must use the desktop client in order to manage the polling process successfully.

Limitations for advanced polling

  • Only the original meeting host has the capability of editing or adding polls during a meeting by default. This user will only be able to launch polls that have already been created if the host or co-host role has been transferred to that user. When setting up an alternate host, you can allow them to add or edit polls, but when setting up the alternative host, it is essential that the host enables the setting allowing them to do so.
  • The proper version must be installed on every participant device in a meeting, or the advanced poll or quiz will not be able to be seen or participated in. You might want to consider using the web client instead, if you are unable to update to the minimum version.
  • It is possible to create a maximum of 50 polls during any one meeting, with each poll containing a maximum of 50 questions.
  • The poll report will only display the results of the last poll occurrence if a poll is relaunched in a meeting. The second approach to avoid re-launching is creating a second poll with the same questions as the original poll if you know you will need to run the same poll twice but want both sets of data.
  • There are two types of images that can be uploaded: PNG or JPEG, and the total file size cannot exceed 2 megabytes.

How to create an advanced poll

You can either create your polling questions in advance of the meeting or as soon as the meeting begins. You will be directed to the web portal to complete the process if you create or edit a poll while you’re participating in a live meeting.

  1. Join the Zoom web portal by signing in with your Zoom account.
  2. Click Meetings from the menu of the Zoom web portal
  3. portal
  4. portal, then select the topic of your meeting from the list. Please schedule a meeting as soon as possible if you do not have one already scheduled.
  5. To find the polls and quizzes section, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.
    Note:The advanced polling and quiz features are not enabled when the tab is labeled as just Polls.
  6. These features will be enabled when you select the Advanced Polling and Quiz tab.
  7. The name of this set of polls can be changed by clicking on Untitled Advanced Poll.
  8. Click on the question area to edit the following details: 
    • Using the Untitled Question section, you can edit the question’s title to suit your preference.
    • The type of question can be selected by clicking the drop down menu next to the name of the polling question:
      • Single Choice: A participant can select only one answer from the list of choices. Answers to a question can be displayed in an alphabetical order or in a dropdown menu.
      • Multiple Choice: Participants of a poll have the option to select more than one answer.
      • Matching: On the left side, respondents can find a list of prompts and the right side, a list of answers. Respondents have the option of re-ordering the prompts and answers as needed. Depending on the type of question, a maximum of nine possible answer choices can be provided, with matching options ranging from two to nine.
      • Rank Order:Respondents are given the option to rank each item in the poll according to the scale provided. The scale can provide a choice of 2-7 items for each question, with a maximum of 10 items per question.
      • Short Answer:  Participants in the survey have the option to provide short answers. It is possible to set the minimum and maximum number of characters to be allowed for a response.
      • Long Answer:  Participants of the poll are allowed to provide a long answer to the question. There is an option to set a cap on the number of characters that may be included in the response.
      • Fill in the blank: We ask participants to fill in the blanks based on the statement and other context provided in the questionnaire. They are given a statement and a blank so they can complete the statement and other context. Each blank has its own answer box and can be filled in as many times as necessary.
      • Rating scale: There is a question or statement in the poll, and then the participant is given the option to rate it on a specific scale. From the default scale range of 1-10, the scale can be set up to be adjusted and the end points of the scale can be labeled to indicate the scale’s base, as an example from Not likely to Extremely likely.
    • In order to select an answer from the choices, participants are required to click the blank for each choice.
    • You can add more answer options by clicking on Add Choice, Add Row, Add Column, Add Prompt, or Add Answer (depending on the type of poll question selected).
    • It makes it easy for you to quickly delete or eliminate a question you are working on by choosing the trash can icon.
    •  : Click here to access additional options:
      • Upload Image: This option allows you to upload an image and display it below the question.
      • Note: The image format must be either JPEG or PNG.
      • Duplicate Question: Make the present polling question duplicate the one that is already current.
    • Please select the checkbox next to Required if you would like to require participants to answer a question before they can contribute to the poll.
    • Click on the pencil : Make changes to the existing poll.
  9. Optionally, you can click Add a Question to add a new question to the poll.
    Note: The order in which questions and the individual answers for each question are arranged can be changed if necessary.
  10. Click the  button to access the following option:
    • Allow participants to answer questions anonymously: The people who are taking the poll have the option of having their answers associated with themselves or anonymously answering the question.
    • Make a quiz and set correct answers: You can learn more about this in the next section.
  11. Click on the Save button.
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During a meeting, everyone will have the opportunity to respond to a single poll that is launched during the meeting. The ability to create more than one poll during the webinar can be helpful for allowing attendees to ask questions at different times.

How to create a quiz

It is possible to turn the polling feature into a quiz platform if you want to set correct answers and score respondent accuracy.

Note :  During a Multi-Choice, Matching, Single Choice, and Rank-Order poll, the correct answer can only be set. Question types that require long answers or short answers will need manual scoring.
  1. A poll should be created in advance.
  2. You can do this by clicking on the quiz button and setting the correct answers.
  3. On each question you need to click “set answer”.
  4. Once you have selected which answer(s) you want to be correct, click “select”.
  5. Then click “Done”.
  6. Repeat this process for each question.
  7. Click on “Save”.

How to use the Polls/Quizzes library

There is a central library where you can keep a list of polls and quizzes for use during meetings. Polls can be created and edited by meeting participants and used in both PMI meetings and non-PMI meetings. A poll that has been marked as an option for all meetings will appear in the list of polls that can be launched in meetings once it has been marked as such.

Note :

  • The number of polls/quizzes that can be set up in your meeting is limited to 10.
  • It is necessary for version 5.10.3 or above for meeting participants to be able to access polls created in the central poll library during meetings. 
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Access the Polls/Quizzes tab

  1. log in  to the Zoom web portal.
  2. Go to the Meetings tab in the navigation menu.
  3. Then click the Polls/Quizzes tab.

Create a poll in the Polls/Quizzes tab

Creating a first poll/quiz that you can use with all your meetings will allow you to save time.

  1. There is a polls/quizzes tab available for you to access.
  2. Simply click on the polls tab.
    Note: You will be prompted with two options on your screen if advanced polling and quizzing are enabled: Poll and Advanced Polling and Quizzing.
  3. Select the advanced poll option.
    In the Polls/Quizzes tab on the left, you will be able to see your advanced poll after it has been created.
  4. The next time you host a meeting, you can enable polls/quizzes you created under Enable, by clicking the toggle to enable or disable them.
  5. Adding questions and polls to your polls will require you to click the + Create button.

It will display the Name, Type (Polls, Quizzes, Advanced Polls), Number of Questions (number of questions), and Enable information for multiple advanced polls and quizzes.

Use actions for individual polls

The Wizard allows you to create an advanced poll or quiz in the Polls/Quizzes tab, and then you can select the following actions:

  1. When you see a pencil icon on the bottom of a poll/quiz, you can edit that poll/quiz by clicking on the icon at the bottom.
  2. By clicking the ellipses on the right hand side of a poll or a quiz, you will be able to
  3. select one of the following actions:
    • Duplicate: This will duplicate the poll or quiz.
    • Delete: This will delete the poll or quiz.

Use batch actions for multiple polls

You can select a number of actions that will be applied to multiple polls or quizzes you create after creating them on the Polls/Quizzes tab:

  1. Select the checkbox next to the Name column.
    It will be selected the check boxes for all the polls and quizzes.
    You have the option of selecting one or more polls/quizzes but not all of them. You can select the polls/quizzes that you want to choose.
  2. Select from the following batch actions for the multiple selected polls/quizzes:
    • Disable for My Meetings: When Enable is selected, the toggles for those polls/quizzes selected in your meetings for that meeting will be disabled and unavailable.
    • Enable for My Meetings: In the Enable section, you will be able to toggle the toggles for the selected polls or quizzes to enable them for all meetings.
    • Duplicate: A duplicate of the selected polls/quizzes will be created.
    • Delete: This will delete the polls/quizzes you have selected.
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Filter the Polls/Quizzes tab

To display different filters, you need to click the All Types dropdown menu. The Polls, Advanced Polls, and Quiz filters can be used to filter your polls/quizzes.

How to launch a poll or quiz

There is no immediate access for participants to take part in the polls, as the host needs to launch the poll before the meeting can begin. In either case, you have to create the polls in the web portal either before or during the live meeting. The polls cannot be created in the web browser.

  1. Activate the polling feature in the Zoom meeting that you have scheduled.
  2. Click on the Polls/Quizzes button at the top of the meeting controls.
  3. If you have created multiple polls or quizzes, you can select which poll or quiz you would like to launch at the top of the polling window.
  4. Simply click on Launch.
    We will now give the participants the opportunity to respond to the polling questions during the meeting. It will be possible to view the results in real time by the host of the meeting.
  5. You can stop the poll at any time by clicking ‘End Poll’.
  6. Click the triple dot button to access the following options:
    • Re-launch Poll: This will relaunch the poll.
      Note: The poll report will only display the last instance of the poll if the poll is relaunched during a meeting. The last thing you want to do is to relaunch a poll twice and to gather both sets of data, if you’re sure you’ll need to launch the same poll twice. Create a second poll with the same questions to avoid having to do it twice.
    • Download results: In the following window, you will be prompted to launch your default web browser so you can download the entire poll report, which shows the actual choices made by each participant, rather than only the percentages of those choices.
    • Note: For those of you without this option, contact the Zoom Technical Support Team so they can enable this feature for you.
    • View Results from Browser: Using your default web browser, this will open a web page where you will be able to see the polling results.
    • Display questions in a random order: Your polling results will be shown randomly according to the questions you have answered.
    • Show one question at a time:Your polling results will be displayed one at a time based on the questions you answered.
  7. If you wish to share the results with those in the meeting, click the Share Results button.
  8. If you want all answers to be displayed to viewers, be sure to check the box next to Show correct answers to all.