Exporting a list of managed devices in Zoom App

It offers a convenient location to manage all of the devices associated with an account through Zoom Device Management. The list of devices you manage can be exported to a CSV file if you need to create a report based on the data.

A list of managed devices can be exported if the following prerequisites are met

  • Privileges of the owner or administrator
  • with respect to Zoom Rooms, Zoom Phone appliances or Zoom clients

What is the process for exporting a list of managed devices?

You can export a list of your managed devices by following these steps:

  1. Join the Zoom web portal by logging in with your email address and password.
  2. Click on Device Management under the navigation menu and then Devices.
  3. A pop-up window will appear where you can click on Export. When you click on the Export button, it will automatically download a CSV file for you to view.
  4. Depending on the filters that you select, the report may contain different information.

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Frequently Asked Question


If you want to export a contact, you will first need to select the checkbox near the contact’s profile, after which you will need to select the appropriate icon located above your search results in order to export the contact from your account. If you have not already added that contact to My Contacts, then you will be charged one credit as a result of exporting that contact.


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Firstly, you have to be logged into the Zoom desktop client in order to be able access the Zoom desktop client settings in order to change them. In order to access the Settings section of the site, you will have to click on your profile picture once you have clicked on it.
Click the desired Meeting ID number on the left, then click Export details to CSV if you want to export the details of the participants from a particular meeting. The meeting ID number should be clicked in order for you to be able to export the participant’s details from that meeting. Then, click the participant’s name in order to export their details.
Your Zoom account can be accessed through the Zoom web portal, which can be accessed through a web browser. Then click Zoom Rooms under Room Management. Location hierarchy can be used to create administrators for specific rooms or locations within a company. You can create admins for your entire account by clicking on the Account Settings link.
Log into your Zoom account by going to the Zoom website and entering your username and password. You can find the Phone System Management section under the Navigation menu at the top and then select Phones & Devices. To assign or unassign a task, click on the Assign or Unassign tab. To edit the name of the device or phone that you would like to edit, click on the display name.

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