How to share the screen in Zoom App

Screen sharing commentary video

With Zoom, you can easily share your screen with any desktop, tablet or mobile device you are running.

  • Screen sharing just click the icon, the host and participants can share the screen.
  • The host does not have to “pass the ball” or “make another person a presenter” to share the screen.
  • The host can also “lock screen sharing” to prevent participants from sharing the screen.



Start screen sharing in Zoom


How to Start Zoom Screen Sharing in Windows/Mac

  1. Click the Screen Sharing button on the meeting toolbar.
  1. Select the screen you want to share.
    You can select individual applications that are already open on your computer, desktop, whiteboard, or iPhone / iPad.
  2. Choose an option.
  3. Check [ Share computer audio ]:
    Any audio played on the computer will be shared in the meeting.
    Even if the screen sharer is muted, the audio reselected on the computer is shared.
  4. Check [ Optimize for
    fullscreen clip ]: Check this to share the video clip in full-screen mode. Otherwise, do not check. The screen to be shared is blurred.
  5. Click [ Screen Sharing ].
  6. Screen sharing menu

When you start screen sharing, the meeting controls move to a menu that you can drag onto the screen.

  • Mute / Unmute:  Mute or unmute the microphone.
  • Start / Stop Video : Start or stop video in the meeting.
  • Participant / Participant Management : View or manage participants (if host).
  • New share : Start a new screen share. You will again be prompted to select the screen to share.
  • Pause Pausing: Pauses the  current sharing.
  • Annotate:  You can use the screen sharing tool to draw, add text, etc.
  • Details:  Move the pointer to display other options.
  • Chat:  Opens a chat window.
  • Invite: Invite  someone else to a meeting.
  • Record on this computer: Start recording  locally or in the cloud.
  • Disable Participant Annotation: Prevents participants from annotating the shared screen.
  • Audio Options: Open Audio Options.
  • Video Settings: Open Video Options.
  • Live on Facebook Workplace: Share meetings or webinars on Facebook Workplace. Learn more about webinar live streaming. Learn more about live streaming of meetings.
  • Optimize share to full screen video clip : Start optimizing the video clip to full screen mode. We recommend that you do not use this option if you are not sharing full-screen video clips. The shared screen is blurred.
  • End Meeting  Exit the meeting or end the meeting for all participants.


  1. Add a comment by selecting the button to start the additional notes to a shared screen.

The annotation menu opens.

Annotation tool:

  • mouse
  • Choice
  • text
  • draw a picture
  • Spotlight / Arrow: Change the cursor to a spotlight or an arrow.
  • eraser
  • Format: Change the format of the annotation tool.
  • Restore
  • Redo
  • Erase
  • Save  Save all annotations on the screen as a screenshot. Screenshots are saved to a local recording location.

Dual monitor

If you have set up dual monitors, you can use the Dual Monitor feature to show screen sharing on one monitor and participants on the other.

iOS · Android

You can share the following:

  • screen
  • Photo
  • iCloud Drive
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Website URL
  • Bookmark
  • Whiteboard (Android)
  • Document (Android)
  • Box (Android)
  • Dropbox (Android)

Audio is not shared.

Some of these options can be disabled in Account Settings Integration .

Screen sharing method

  1. If this is the first time sharing the entire screen, configure the Control Center to display the screen recording.
    If this setting has already been made, skip to Step 2.-For iPad, iPhone 8 or later, press the Home button.
    For iPhone X, swipe up on the home bar.
    -Open the iOS settings app.

Tap [ Control Center ].

Tap [ Customize Control ].

・Tap [ + ] next to [ Screen Recording ] to add a screen recording to the Control Center.   Commentary video is here

Tap [ Share ] on the meeting control .

Tap the content name you want to share the screen.
This time , tap [ Screen ].

  1. Note: Everything that appears on the screen is shared, including notifications. Enabling
       ” Good Night ” mode will prevent unexpected notifications.
  2. Access the Control Center .
    For iPad or iPhone 8 or later, swipe from bottom to top.
    For iPhone X, swipe down from the top right corner.
  3. Press and hold the screen capture button until the screen capture option is displayed.

Tap [ Zoom ].

  1. Starting the broadcast and then tap].
  2. Tap [Shared screen] .

After counting, the entire device screen is shared to the meeting.

  1. Tap the red bar at the top of the screen to end sharing.
  2. Stop tap].
  1. Tap the red bar again to open Zoom.

You can now annotate if you share your entire screen using an iOS device.

Learn more about Airplay and Wired Sharing.

For more information, IOS screen sharing , please refer to.