Switch cameras during a meeting in the Zoom room (if you have more than one camera)

If you can use more than one camera in the Zoom room, you can dynamically select which one to activate by selecting the camera from the list when tapping [ Switch Camera ]. If only two cameras are available , switch them with the Switch Camera control.

Switch the active camera in the Zoom room

  1. Start or join a meeting.
  2. Tap [ Switch Camera ] on the iPad controller .
    • If more than two cameras are available, the menu will show the names of all cameras. Tap a camera name to select a camera and it will become active immediately. You can do this whenever you want to change the active camera.
  3. If two cameras are available, the currently inactive camera is active. Tap the camera switch control whenever you want to switch.

Note : If you are using a PanaCast camera, you can use the camera’s intelligent zoom feature. Tap the camera control icon and then enable the intelligent zoom option. The camera automatically adjusts to show the best view based on the location of people in the room.


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