Using SMS message and conversation options In Zoom App

If you prefer to send and receive text messages on your phone, Zoom Phone SMS, feature of the Zoom desktop client or mobile app, allows you to do that. Additionally, SMS can also be used with an auto-receptionist or a call queue.

This article discusses some of the options available for messaging and conversation, such as saving messages and deleting conversations.


More information can be found in the main SMS user guide.

How to use SMS message options

  1. Join Zoom’s desktop client or mobile app by logging into your account.
  2. Go to the Phone tab in Zoom’s desktop client or mobile app.
  3. From the Phone tab, choose the SMS tab.
  4. Select or tap on one of the SMS conversations.
  5. Follow the instructions in one of the sections below:

Desktop client

These options are available by clicking on the ellipses (…) next to an SMS message.

  • Save as: Store the image on your local machine.
  • Open File Location: On your local device, locate where the file for the image was originally stored.
  • Copy: Click on the clipboard icon to copy the text in the message.
  • Delete: This will remove the message from your inbox. It will still remain available for the other parties to see as well.
    Note: As an example, if a SMS conversation is associated with a call queue or auto receptionist, the member of the call queue or auto receptionist will still see the message, but the message will disappear from all the call queue and auto receptionist members.

Mobile app

Using the mobile app, you can access these options by tapping and holding an SMS message.

  • Save Image: This will save the image file locally on your computer.
  • Copy: In order to copy the text of the message, click the copy icon.
  • Delete: Remove the message from your inbox. You will be able to see the message from the other SMS recipient.

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How to use SMS conversation options

Note: It is only possible to delete the conversation if the caller hides his or her caller ID.

Desktop client

To access these options, click the ellipsis (…) button below the SMS tab when hovering over the SMS conversation.

  • Meet with Video / Meet without Video / Chat (these options are only visible if the phone number belongs to an internal or external Zoom contact): Hold an instant meeting or begin a 1-on-1 chat with the contact.
    Note: This option would be unavailable when SMS interactions are associated with a call queue or a receptionist machine.
  • Create Google Contact / Create Outlook Contact (only visible if you enabled contacts integration): Use the call history entry in Google or Outlook to create a new contact. After the new contact has been created in the Contacts tab, it will appear on your Contacts list. Depending on if you need to further edit the details of the contact, you can access the contact in either Google or Outlook.
  • Add to Google Contact / Add to Outlook Contact (only visible if you enabled contacts integration): Sync the phone number of an existing contact with Google Contacts / Outlook. If you need to edit the contact information further, you can access the contact in Google or Outlook.
  • Block Number: You can block the number in Google or Outlook.
  • Push Notifications: The ability to turn on or off push notifications can be found in the conversation settings.
  • Delete Conversation: Delete the SMS conversations altogether and delete all SMS messages. If one SMS participant can see the conversation, then the other participant can see the conversation as well.
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The following options can be accessed by clicking on the info icon in the upper-right corner:

  • Members: Displays the phone numbers involved in the SMS conversation.
  • Auto Receptionist Info / Call Queue Info (only visible if the SMS conversations is associated with a call queue or auto receptionist): Displays the name, extension number, and direct number of the call queue or auto receptionist.
  • Push Notifications: Enable or disable push notifications for the conversation.
  • Images: Displays images in the conversation.
  • Files: This section is currently not used. You can only send images using Zoom Phone SMS.
  • More options

Mobile app

The below options can be accessed by pressing and holding the SMS tab at the bottom of an SMS conversation.

  • Phone Call: Make sure to dial the number that is associated with the account.
  • Create Phone Contact: Open up a new phone contact on your computer and enter the number that is associated with the account. Synced contacts will not be able to use this option.
  • Add to Existing Phone Contact: If you have an existing contact in the contacts list of your phone, you can add the number to that contact. If your phone is synced, you will not be able to do this.
  • Block Number: By blocking the phone number you can keep it from contacting you.
  • Delete Conversation: The SMS conversation in the conversation can be deleted as well as all of the messages. Both participants of the conversation will be able to view the conversation even after it has been deleted.
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In order to access these options, tap the info icon in the top-right corner of an SMS conversation and then click on the information icon:

  • At the top of the screen we see two phone numbers: these are the two numbers we will be using in the SMS conversation.
  • Images: The SMS conversation will display images.
  • Receive Notifications: You will be able to control whether push notifications will be enabled or disabled.

Frequently Asked Questions


In order to send and receive text messages (SMS) through the Zoom desktop client or mobile app, users need to send text messages to the Zoom phone SMS service via their Zoom desktop client or smartphone app.
Creating a new chat session
  1. It is necessary to sign in to Zoom’s desktop client in order to use the program.
  2. The Chat tab will appear once you click it.
  3. It is possible to create a new chat by clicking on the button at the top of the chat panel.
  4. The Zoom contact you want to chat with will appear when you enter his or her name or email address. If you need to add an additional name or email address, please do so.
  5. Press Enter to send your message after you have entered your message.
The first step in using Zoom is to sign into its web portal. Click on the Settings menu item in the navigation bar. Go to the Meetings tab on the left side of the screen. During the In Meeting (Basic) tab, you can be able to toggle whether or not to enable the Meeting chat to be available.
The host is not able to view the private messages between participants. Participants who disable private chat will not be able to send private messages to another participant, but the host will still be able to send private messages to participants and participants will still be able to communication privately with each other if they enable private chat. Guests in the meeting can also be disabled from using chat during the meeting by the host.
Visit the Zoom website and sign in to your account. Click on Account Management at the top of the navigation menu, then click on Reports at the bottom. On the left hand side of the page you will find a tab called User Activity Reports where you can view a history of your chat activity.

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