Administrator- Change retention period of chat message history in Zoom App

Account owners or administrators can choose when chat messages are stored on Zoom Cloud and on local devices. Erases all messages after a specified time.

If the message has been stored for less than one month, a yellow banner will be displayed in the Zoom chat window to notify members of the account of the message’s retention period.

Duration of messages stored in the cloud

Maximum period is 10 years

The shortest period is 1 day

Default settings are stored in the cloud for 2 years and stored on the local device for 1 year

This period change can be changed by the account owner or administrator of IM administration,
and changing this setting will affect all users of the account.

The retention period depends on when the message is received. For example, if you choose to delete all messages after 3 days, they will be deleted 3 days after the recipient’s terminal receives it.


  • Paid Zoom account
  • The account owner or administrator rights can be changed

To change how long messages are stored

  1. Log in to the Zoom web portal and go to [ IM Management ].
  2. Click [IM setting] .
  3. Under Local Storage, select the time to save the message on your desktop computer and mobile device.
  1. If Cloud storage is turned off, toggle the setting next to Cloud Storage to On (blue).
  2. Click [Turn on] .
  3. Select the time to save the message.
  4. Click Save.Recommendation: All users in your account should be notified if the message retention period is shortened.
    Messages received before the configuration change will be deleted after a specified period of time.

    For example, if you change the setting to delete messages after 3 days,
    previously received messages will be deleted 3 days after changing the settings.

For more information on this article, please refer to Storing Chat Message History.