Which is better, the quality of recording in Zoom cloud recording and local recording?

If the Internet connection is good or bad.

If the quality of the internet connection is good/stable

In general, there is no big difference in quality between cloud recording and local recording.

Poor or unstable internet connection quality

Local recording saves video and audio files directly to the host device, so local recording can save better quality video and audio.

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Frequently Asked Question


When you record Zoom meetings to the cloud instead of storing them locally, you save disk space and you can share your files more widely. That being said, recording meetings to the cloud is only available to paid subscribers. Video, audio, and shared screen content can all be recorded on the cloud, just like recordings that are saved locally.
Then it may be that Zoom is currently only able to record in 1280 x 720p detail, and so I have not been able to record 1920 x 1080 until Zoom support enabled it directly on my behalf, and I have been unable to do so, unless Zoom support turned it on directly by their support team, and that did not work either. The only thing you will need to do to make sure your call recordings are not being recorded at the standard 640 x 360 pixel size is to make sure you are using a Pro or superior Zoom account and enabling HD in your preferences.
To enable HD video for your meeting, please click on the small arrow next to the camera icon, go to VIDEO SETTINGS in the bottom left corner of your screen, and make sure that ENABLE HD is selected under MY VIDEO in the video settings section. There should now be a full capability for you to record meetings in HD (1280×720) for the first time. It is important that you choose the option: Record on this computer in order to get the best recording quality possible.
Video transmissions and receptions can be done in a resolution of up to 1080p over 323/SIP devices. In order for Zoom Support to enable 1080p or higher on a device that has been provisioned, along with the device that is required to join, it needs to be enabled along with the device which is required to join. It might also require a specific dialing string to be used for the device to join. A Pro account must also have the Group HD video 720p option enabled for Zoom Support to make this feature available to those who have that account.
In the process of launching Zoom, there will be a menu that appears as soon as the app is launched, and you can access the settings menu as well. Turn on the option to enable HD video for the group. “Enable Group HD Video” is a functionality that permits HD video to be played in groups. In the “In Meeting (Advanced)” section, you will find a feature named Enable Group HD Video, which will enable zoom to switch from its standard definition format to HD video in 720p, allowing you to take advantage of Zoom’s full feature set.

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