How to generate Zoom Meeting Report for Registration and Polling

When you create a Zoom Meeting Report, you can report current registration and poll polling information. These reports can be exported for further analysis.



  • Meeting organizer, a role with usage reporting enabled, role, account owner and admin Admin
  • Professional users, API partners, business or education users
  • Voting reports can only be generated after a meeting.


Report procedure

Access the Reports section of the Zoom website and click Meetings. A list of upcoming and previous meetings is generated. You can search by time range or meeting ID.


When you click Create on the right side of the meeting, a pop-up appears asking if you want to create a registration or voting report. You can generate reports in batches by checking multiple meetings.

When you generate a report, downloadable links appear in the report queue. By clicking the link, you can view the report in software such as Excel or Notepad.


The Report Queue tab displays reports that failed to generate results.

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Frequently Asked Question

Click on the Polls button in the meeting control panel. Launch the program. It is now time for the participants in the meeting to respond to the polling questions that were presented to them during the meeting. There will be a live feed of the results that can be viewed by the host.
In the event that you record your meeting, you will not be able to see the poll results on the recording. You will need to download your meeting report if you wish to save the polling results from your meeting.

Using the Zoom client, sign in to your account. Click on the Phone tab at the top of the page. To view the history of the account, click on the History tab. At the top of the screen, you will be able to see the most recent call history
In terms of Zoom recordings, they can either be local or cloud recordings, and in terms of Zoom recordings there are two types. A local recording, which comes standard with every Zoom account, is saved on your computer and can be accessed at any time. All zoom subscriptions come with cloud recordings that can be viewed, shared, and downloaded in the Zoom Cloud at any time. These recordings are included with all zoom subscriptions.
By default, only the host has the ability to initiate a Local Recording. If another participant wishes to record a meeting, the host needs to ensure that the participant wishing to record the meeting has been given permission by the host to do so during the meeting.

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