How to Add audio watermark in Zoom App


It is the process of embedding personal information into the audio as an inaudible watermark during the recording process if you are recording a meeting. Zoom can identify audio files being shared without permission if the person who recorded the meeting is identified.

Note :

If you want to utilize this option, you must enable two meeting options: Only members with specified domains can join the meeting and Only members with specified domains can join meetings.


  • The account owner or administrator has the following privileges:
  • Zoom For desktop client
    • Windows: 4.3.46185.0120 or higher
    • macOS: 4.3.53325.0120 or higher
    • Linux: 2.7.162522.0121 or higher
  • Zoom For mobile app
    • iOS: 4.3.0 (54294.0122) or higher
    • Android: 4.3.46193.0120 or higher

how to Enable audio watermark


The following steps must be followed in order to enable audio watermarking for all users in the account:

  1. If you are an administrator, you can edit account settings in the Zoom web portal by logging in as an admin.
  2. Simply click Account Management in the navigation bar and then Account Settings.
  3. You will then be prompted to select Meetings.
  4. You need to make sure that the Add audio watermark checkbox is checked under Schedule Meeting.
  5. Click the toggle switch to enable the setting if it is disabled. Click on the Turn On option when a confirmation dialog box appears in order to verify the change.
  6. Changing this setting to a mandatory setting for all users in your account can be done by clicking the lock icon on the lock bar and then clicking Lock to confirm the selection.
    Note: Only users that are signed in will be able to join the meeting or Only users that are signed in and from a specified domain will be able to attend meetings should be locked.
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Looking for information about a music file

You can submit a request to Zoom Technical Support if you would like to know who is responsible for recording a particular audio file. You must include the Meeting ID, the date and time of occurrence and the recording file (either a video or audio file) in your request.

Note: You have to include an audio file that has a duration of at least 2 minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions



  1. Using the Zoom web portal, sign in to your account.
  2. In the navigation panel, you will find a tab called Settings that gives you access to all the settings.
  3. Go to the Meetings tab and click on it.
  4. In the Schedule Meeting category of the meeting schedule, there is a toggle that can be turned on or off in order to add a watermark to the meeting.
  5. A confirmation dialog may appear if your settings have been changed, and in order to confirm your changes you must either click Enable or Disable in the dialog.

Add or remove Watermark setting from meetings

From the left menu, click on “Meetings” to access the meeting options. Then, click on the “Schedule a Meeting” button. Scroll down to the “Meeting Options” section, and make sure that the checkbox next to “Add a watermark that identifies the viewer” is marked as “checked.”.

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In this step, you will share your screen as you normally would, and then you will click on the Advanced tab which is at the top of the window. As a result, you will now see the option to listen to music only or to computer sound only. The audio that your computer is currently playing will be shared through Zoom when you click on this button. There are a lot of different music apps that you can use if you want to listen to some music – whether you prefer Spotify, Apple Music, or even YouTube.
During a meeting, an audio watermark can be used to indicate a user’s personal information if they are recording during the meeting. An audio watermark is an inaudible mark inserted into an audio recording to indicate the user’s identity. In the event that an audio file is shared without the participant’s permission, Zoom may be able to assist in identifying the participant who recorded the meeting.
When a participant shares their screen, a watermark will appear over their image and a portion of their email address will be displayed over the shared content and their own video, when they share their screen, and when they share their screen, they will be able to see their own image and their own email address.
Zoom can be used to trim recordings during the recording process
  1. You should begin by navigating to the Recordings section of the web site, and then selecting a recording that you would like to trim from the list.
  2. Click the Play button on the thumbnail of the recording if you would like to open the viewer/editor for the recording.
  3. In the player, click on the scissor icon located at the bottom right hand corner.
  4. When playing back your video, you can select the start and end times for the playback by using the playhead arrows on the bottom of the screen.
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