how to fix the speaker video zoom

You can use Video Locking to disable the display of active speakers and show only certain speakers.

When recording, about the content to be recorded

For local recording

Only record fixed videos.

Pinning other participants’ videos only affects their own local views and recordings.

It does not affect the view of other participants.

In the case of cloud recording

It does not affect.

This article discusses pinning videos in the Zoom desktop client and the Zoom mobile app.


  • Zoom desktop client for PC, Mac or Linux
  • Shared video for more than 2 people
  • (Optional) If you are using dual monitors, you can lock the second screen.

Fix the speaker (speaker) video 

Windows | Mac | Linux

  1. At the top of the screen, move the cursor to the participant’s video you want to freeze and click …
  2. From the menu, select Freeze Video .

  1. Optional: If
     you have 3 or more participants in your meeting and have Dual Monitor enabled, you can choose to lock it to the first screen or the second screen.


Windows | Mac | Linux

  1. Click Switch to Active Speaker in the upper left corner .
    Or, click Unpin Video .
  1. This will return the conference to the active speaker.


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