Active speaker (video layout) in Zoom Meeting or Webinar

With active speaker

The default layout is used in meetings and webinars.

If you are talking to three or more participants in a meeting, the speaker screen will be displayed on a large screen.

With the exception of the speakers participating in the meeting, the video will be small at the top and the speaker p video will be large below.

If you want to read about other video layouts, please refer to How Do I Change The Video Layout?

You can pin the video on the device to disable the active speaker and make one participant the main speaker. The host can also spotlight the video for all participants. This deactivates the active speaker and one person is displayed as the main speaker for all participants.


Active speaker setting method

Windows, Mac, Linux 

When joining a Zoom meeting, the active speaker is applied by default.

Switch back to active speakers from the gallery view

If you are using Gallery View, click Speaker View in the upper right.

Return Video to Active Speaker After

Spotlighting Video If you spotlight video, click the Cancel Spotlight Video button at the top left of the video window to return to the active speaker.

Return to the active speaker after you pin the video

if you pin the video, [to return to the active speaker Switch to Active Speaker to cancel the pinned by clicking].


ios and Android

When joining a Zoom meeting, the active speaker is applied by default.

Make gallery view from active speakers

Swipe the screen to the right on the iPhone to go to the gallery view.

Switch back to active speakers from the gallery view

Swipe the screen left on the iPhone to make it the active speaker.

On the iPad, tap the Switch to Active Speaker button.

Revert to active speaker after spotlighting video

  • Tap [ Participant ]. It is located at the top of the screen for the iPad and at the bottom of the screen for the iPhone.
  • Tap the participant’s name.
  • [  Cancel Spotlight Video and tap].


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Active Speaker view on Zoom?

A picture-within-a-picture Active Speaker View shows a large image of the speaker currently speaking, and a smaller thumbnail of the speaker that spoke before him, thus providing a picture-within-a-picture of the current speaker. In the process of screen sharing, the screen that is being shared in the large display will be shown in thumbnail form and it will be obvious who is sharing the screen.

How do you show active speakers in Zoom recording?

Shared screen with active speaker

A recording will display a thumbnail of the active speaker in the top-right corner of the screen if you share your screen with the active speaker thumbnail. The recording will still display the active speaker thumbnail in the top-right corner if you move it to a different location during the meeting

How do I change the layout of Zoom recording?

When you are logged into your Zoom account, you can view or change your recording layout settings by navigating to your account. Click on PERSONAL and then choose Settings > Recordings.

  1. Share a screen with the gallery view in order to record it.

  2. In order to record active speakers, gallery views, and shared screens separately, you should follow these steps.

  3. Take a recording of only the audio portion of the recording.

  4. During meetings or webinars, you can save the chat messages.

Is my camera on in zoom webinar?

You can rest assured that during the webinar, your camera and microphone will not be on. Does my mobile device have the ability to transmit and receive sound and video? No, the host/author is the only person being seen/heard by the participants.

Are you visible in a zoom webinar?

The attendees of a Webinar cannot see or hear the presenters when attending one. When you attend a Webinar, you should be able to see and hear both the presenters and the participants. If you are the only attendee and it is your turn to speak, the other attendees will not be able to hear you or see you.

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