How to Use of call flip in Zoom App


Call flips allow you to put your current Zoom Phone call on hold and answer it on another device (Zoom desktop client, mobile app, or provisioned landline).

Content of this article:

  • Start call flip (source device)
  • Answering a call on hold (destination device)
    • Desktop client or mobile app
    • Fixed telephone
  • Use of proximity call flip (Zoom Room)



Note :Use Call Park as an alternative to Call Flip if you do not have the following prerequisites :


Call flip between desktop client, mobile app, or landline

  • Source device:

  • Destination device:

    • Zoom desktop client for Windows or macOS version 4.5.4 or later
    • Zoom mobile app for Android or iOS version 4.5.3 and above
    • Provisioned landline with call flip support
    • Zoom Room with Zoom Phone license


Proximity call flip from mobile app to Zoom Room

  • Source device:

    • Zoom mobile app for Android or iOS version 5.2.1 or higher
  • Destination Zoom Room:

  • Users who sign in to the originating device must be registered in the same account as the destination Zoom Room.


Start call flip (source device)

  1. Make and receive calls using the Zoom desktop client, mobile app, or provisioned landline .
  2. Use the in-call control to put the call on hold. A hold tone is played to the other party .


Answering a call on hold (destination device)

Desktop client or mobile app

  1. [Telephone] icon (desktop client), or [Phone] and then click or tap on the icon (mobile app).
  2. Click or tap the Shared Lines tab to see the calls you have put on hold.
  3. Click or tap the hold icon to answer the call.

Fixed telephone

Note :

The following steps are available for most landlines supported by Zoom Phone. For more information, see the support site of your phone manufacturer.

  1. Go to the landline home screen.
  2. Find the phone line that is on hold. If your phone has a line key, it is indicated by a hold / public hold label, a red icon, a hold icon , or a flashing red light.
  3. To answer the call, press or tap the line key.

Use of proximity call flip (Zoom Room)

You can also use Call Flip to switch calls to a Zoom Room with a Zoom Phone license . To answer a put hold call in the Zoom Room, use the ultrasonic proximity signal feature to detect if the Zoom Room is nearby .

  1. Make and receive calls using the mobile app .
  2. Enter the room where the Zoom Room for switching calls is installed.
  3. On the Zoom mobile app screen during a call, tap Details , then tap Handoff to Room .The Zoom mobile app detects nearby rooms and displays the room name.Note: If Zoom cannot detect the room, you will be prompted to enter the shared key to flip the call . The shared key usually appears in the upper right corner of the Zoom Room display.
  4. Tap Handoff to this room to complete the call flip.

The Zoom Room screen shows the profile name of the other party . The controller displays the control screen during a call .


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I download the Zoom app?

To download the Zoom mobile app for Android:

  1. You will be able to access Google Play by tapping the icon.

  2. At the bottom of the screen, you will find an Apps option.

  3. On your screen, you will find an icon called Search in the top right hand corner.

  4. In the search box, type the word “Zoom”.

  5. The ZOOM Cloud Meetings option will appear in the search results once you tap on it.

  6. You will need to tap the Install button to begin the process.

  7. The installation will be confirmed when you tap Accept.


Can I join a Zoom meeting without installing the app?

With Zoom, users can join web-based meetings and webinars from any web browser, without having to download the Zoom client. In your email or calendar invitation, you will find a link to invite you to the meeting. You can join the meeting by clicking the join link at the bottom of the page. You should click Cancel if a pop-up window appears asking you to open a Zoom desktop client or to install a Zoom desktop client.

How do I download Zoom and join a meeting?

It is necessary to download Zoom from the Download Center on your computer or mobile device prior to joining a Zoom meeting on that device. When you click on a link to join a discussion, you will be asked to download and install Zoom. Otherwise, you will be prompted to do so.

If you want to join a meeting by signing in:

  1. Using the Zoom desktop client, sign in to your account.

  2. You will find the Home tab on the left side of the screen.

  3. Please click the Join button.


Is Zoom free to install?

Whether you are using your smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can download the Zoom app for free if you have one of those devices.

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