Using shared line groups (desk phones) In Zoom App


Zoom Phone allows your Zoom Phone admin to share an extension (shared line) with a group of phone users or common area phones by simply configuring a shared lines group.

In this article, terms like the following will be used:

  • Members
  • Have been added by your Zoom Phone admin to the shared line group. Only one member can be part of a group of shared lines at a time.
  • Shared lines
  • Are direct phone numbers assigned to the shared line group. Each of these numbers can be used by all members of the group.

You can use your shared line group on a supported desk phone if you’re a member of a shared line group.


  • License and plan for Zoom Phone
  • With desk phone support
  • Participant in a shared line group
    Note :

    •  There is no limit as to how many groups you can be part of. The same person cannot be a member of both a call delegation setup and a shared line group simultaneously.
    • Find out if you are a member of a shared line group by viewing the shared line group name on the left hand side of your profile.

Selecting a shared line and making a call

The shared line you would like to use for the call can be selected before you make the call. Your outgoing caller ID number will depend on the line you select.

Note : 

Shared lines are not labelled using the group name of the shared lines group, as is the case with Zoom Desktop Client and Zoom Mobile App. Customize your line key settings to make it easier for you to identify shared lines.

The following short starts give a brief overview of how to get started with the Polycom VVX series phones and the Yealink T4/T5 series phones.

Identifying a shared line being used

The entire group will be able to track who is using a shared line.

Note : 

Desk phones do not display the member’s name like Zoom Desktop and Mobile Apps.

You can tell whether a member is using the shared line by looking at the following indicators on your phone:

Polycom VVX series with a touch screen

Polycom VVX series with physical line keys

The line key indicator light will also be solid red in addition to the icon shown in the picture below.

Yealink T4 or T5 series with a touch screen

In addition to the label Talking, you can also find the following icon.

Receiving a call

Shared line number and line receiving call will be displayed on the call notification if someone calls a shared line group.

Note :

Zoom Phone web settings (the desktop client, mobile app, or web portal) will notify you of shared line group calls if you have enabled this feature.

Transferring a call

If you answer a call for a shared line group, you can transfer the call to another member, phone user, or external number.

Note : 

The contacts directory is not supported by desk phones. It is important to dial the extension number or direct number of the internal extension when you are using a desk phone to transfer. You may also choose to flip the call to Zoom Desktop Client or Zoom Mobile App, then use your contact list to manually switch the call to Zoom Desktop Client or Zoom Mobile App.

In order to learn more about both Polycom VVX series phones and Yealink T4/T5 series phones please see our quick start guides.

Viewing the history of calls

All members of a shared line are able to view the history of all their calls. Whenever a member deletes an entry associated with a shared line, only the member who deleted the entry will be notified of the deletion.

The following labels appear in the call history entries:

  • Your shared line group and associated shared line appear next to the inbound call history entries.
  • In the call history for outbound calls, the associated shared line number can be found along with the entry. In order to make it easier to identify shared lines, line key settings can be modified in order to make the process easier. To see a shared line, you may need to view the call log details.

The following short starts give a brief overview of how to get started with the Polycom VVX series phones and the Yealink T4/T5 series phones.

Viewing the voicemail inbox

The shared lines can be accessed by all members for playing and managing voicemail messages. You should take note of these things when handling voicemail messages on shared lines:

  • Deleted voicemail messages will also be deleted for all of the other members, if the member deletes it.
  • The message will show as played for every other member if the member plays a message that hasn’t been played yet.
  • Each voicemail you receive from your shared line group is labeled with the shared line number and the associated group name.
Note :

Besides removing your access to the group’s voicemail inbox, Zoom Phone admins can also delete your membership in the group. Your Zoom Phone administrator can help you view shared line group voicemails if you don’t see them.

For more information on how to use your Polycom VVX series phone or Yealink T4/T5 series of phones, please read the quick start guides.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What desk phones work with Zoom?

The first step is to find a desk phone that is compatible with your operating system

Zoom Phone is able to work with a wide range of models, such as those from Polycom, Yealink, Cisco, AudioCodes, Grandstream, and many others. You should be aware that some of the features of these models are not supported by all of them.

What are Zoom shared lines?

It is very possible to share a phone number and extension (shared line) between a Zoom Phone administrator and a group of users, or a group of common area phones, in order to make communication easier. We will use the following terms in this article to describe how to add members to the Zoom Phone shared line group, which is the group that your Zoom Phone administrator controls. Shared line groups can only be joined by one member at a time.

How do you use zoom line?

You have the option of selecting a shared line before making a call in order to use it for your call.

  1. Zoom desktop or mobile clients can be accessed by signing into the Zoom application.

  2. The Phone button can be clicked or tapped.

  3. Below the dial pad you will find a Caller ID menu that you can select or tap. …

  4. A shared line group can be used to make a call.

What is hot desking Zoom phone?

Using Zoom Phone Appliance devices, users are now able to log in as guests to appliances located in shared spaces where they want to work, which means that users can log in as guests whenever they want to access appliances in the shared space they want to use. As soon as an administrator configures a Zoom Phone to serve as a hot-desk, any Zoom Phone user can use their Zoom account to access their upcoming meetings, their call history, their voicemail, and much more, once an administrator configures the Zoom Phone for hot-desking.

Can Polycom be used with Zoom?

As a first step towards integrating a Polycom RealPresence room system (either Group Series, Debut, HDX, or Trio) with Zoom, you should make sure that your existing room system is compatible with Zoom before starting the integration process. With the help of your existing hardware, you can launch a Zoom meeting directly from the time and date you have scheduled from your existing hardware.

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