Zoom iOS audio settings


After joining a Zoom meeting from your iOS device, you need to connect to audio. If you have a voice conference plan, you can use Internet audio to make calls, dial into conferences, and make calls from Zoom.

Necessary elements

  • iOS Zoom mobile app
  • Subscribe to premium audio ( when using ” Call “)

Mute and disconnect Internet audio

After starting or joining Zoom meeting using an iOS device such as an iPhone / iPad, follow these steps to connect the audio to the meeting.

  1. Touch the meeting screen to display optional tools during the meeting.
  2. Tap the Join Audio icon.
  3. From here, you can:
  4. Calls using the Internet - Use the iOS speaker and microphonedial-in  - to request you to dial into the meetingyou make a phone call - you make a phone call in order to connect the audio. This is the menu that will be displayed if you have purchased premium audio. Optional premium audio purchase is required.

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