Zoom: Why You Should Use It for Online Meetings

Zoom meetings or Zoom cloud meetings are video cloud meetings that you can attend using the Zoom app. Since it’s a cloud-based app, you can join a meeting from anywhere using any digital device. The cloud-based app has transformed the way meetings are conducted. 


Apart from being heard and seen, Zoom meetings offer live chat, intuitive whiteboard, content sharing, and a number of other features that make meetings more productive. 


Let’s understand some of the benefits of Zoom meetings for businesses as well as employees. 


Affordable Plans


Zoom has the highest maximum attendants capacity. The free plan hosts up to 100 participants, while the enterprise plan supports up to 500 participants. If you get an add-on plan, you can invite as many as 1000 participants to the Zoom meeting.


With a free plan, employees can create their own Zoom accounts and can schedule meetings as per requirement. 


Reliable Connectivity


Performance reliability is probably another advantage Zoom cloud meetings bring along. The app offers a stable user experience and outperforms other video conferencing and video chat apps like Facebook Messenger or Skype. 


The cloud conference app maintains data centers worldwide using cloud computing services from Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, and Amazon Web Services. Expansive cloud infrastructure ensures reliable and stable connectivity. 


Minimal System Requirements


You do not need any higher specifications to download Zoom on your computer or phone. Reliable internet connectivity (3G or 4G/LTE) is all you need for an uninterrupted meeting experience. Make sure that the built-in speakers and mic are working appropriately; else, connect either a USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth microphone and speakers to the device.

A high-definition webcam or a camcorder with a video-capture card is required to attend your video meetings in Zoom. Apart from that, ensure that you have an optimized computer to avoid any potential Zoom issues during the meetings. You can get ample information in the form of articles and videos on cleaning your computer to boost its performance.


User-Friendly Interface


Most users don’t even need to create an account to attend online meetings. Simply download the app on your computer or mobile device or join a meeting by clicking the link that the host has shared with you. Zoom is easy to use as you do not have to click multiple links to join a scheduled meeting. 


Even if you wish to create a Zoom account, the process is simple. With easy-to-follow steps, you can set up an account on Zoom and use it for scheduling and attending calls. The free account allows unlimited minutes and count. 


Multi-Platform Support


Zoom is meant for all operating systems, including iOS, Android, Chrome OS, macOS, and Windows, among others. You can install Zoom on Blueberry devices too. As far as web browsers are concerned, the app is supported over Edge 12+, Chrome 30+, and Firefox 27+ in Windows. 


On macOS, you can schedule and attend Zoom meetings using Firefox 27+, Chrome 30+, and Safari 7+. Please note that some features of the Zoom web client are not supported on various versions of Internet Explorer. 


Features Offered by Zoom


Let’s have a look at useful features of the Zoom app that allows for uninterrupted online meetings. 


  • Each meeting session can only be started with a unique meeting ID that the host has shared with all participants. 


  • With high-definition audio and video, the Zoom app ensures that everyone is seen and heard properly. 


  • Set up meetings with one-touch control and invite multiple attendees for a 40-minute uninterrupted meeting session. 


  • Consistent look on all digital devices; no matter what operating system you are running, the interface and UI elements remain the same. 


  • Switch views between gallery view or full screen with one-touch or a single-click control to configure your meeting settings. 


  • Dynamic voice detection makes it easy to detect the participant who is currently speaking during the meeting to allow for an organized session. 


  • A live chat facility can be used to share relevant links and documents or ask questions during the active meeting session. 


  • Easy sharing of content allows sharing documents on the desktop and playing presentation videos on any digital device. 


  • Zoom Room allows users to schedule and start a meeting via MS Outlook, which is a superb feature for professionals.


  • Blurred backgrounds allow the participants to blur their background when they have an untidy room or an unpleasant environment that can be distracting. 


  • Sleek desktop features give you a superior meeting experience and an overall optimized environment ideal for meetings. 


  • Participants can meet accessibility requirements and follow conversations by enabling closed captioning features. 


  • You have the feature to select among third-party captioning, manual captioning, and Zoom’s live transcription. 


Zoom is an intuitive app that allows for live chat, interactive whiteboard features, content sharing capabilities, and more intuitive features that make it a comprehensive platform. You can even use the paid or free versions of the app for personal and professional meeting purposes.