Syncing Zoom Meetings to Google Calendar

It is required that you create a Google project and configure authentication between it and Zoom for Salesforce, in order to synchronize Zoom Meetings with Google Calendar.

In this table, you will find the information required for authentication, its source, and its use.

Item Copy From Paste To
Redirect URL Salesforce > Visualforce Page > Zoom Details Google Project
Client ID Google Project Salesforce > Zoom Config > Google Calendar API Settings
Client Secret Google Project Salesforce > Zoom Config > Google Calendar API Settings
API Key Google Project Salesforce > Zoom Config > Google Calendar API Settings

How to set the Zoom Google Calendar integration to active

  1. Access Salesforce by logging in to your account.
  2. Then you will go to the Zoom Configuration page in Salesforce.
  3. By selecting the Active check box under Google Calendar API Settings, you can enable the integration.
  4. You will need to save the settings.

How to create a project for the Google Calendar API

  1. Please sign in to your Google account.
  2. Click on the Create a Project button on the Google Cloud Platform.
  3. A new project will appear and you will have to give it a name.
  4. Next, you will have to enable the Google Calendar API.
  5. In the Credentials section of APIs & Services, click Credentials and then click Oauth consent.
  6. Enter the name of the application.
  7. Check the box for Authorized domains and add
  8. Click the Save button.
  9. Once you have clicked on Create credentials and clicked on the OAuth client ID, you should now click Web application.
  10. Zoom requires the following URL to redirect you to the Zoom website:
    1. In order to access Visualforce Pages, you need to log into Salesforce.
    2. Select ZoomDetails in the left menu bar.
    3. Paste the URL from the address bar into the address bar.
  11. The Zoom redirect URL will need to be pasted into the Authorized redirect URLs field of your new Google project. Select Create.
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How to copy Google project information to Salesforce Zoom configuration

  1. Make sure that both the client ID and the client secret are copied from the Google project.
  2. You can paste them into the Salesforce Zoom Config page under the User Google Calendar API Settings section.
  3. Select Client Credentials under Client Credentials.
  4. Make sure that the API key under the User Google Calendar API Settings section is copied and pasted into the Salesforce Zoom Configuration page.
  5. Save the settings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren’t my Zoom meetings showing up on my Google Calendar?

Make sure that reminders and tasks are checked in your Google Calendar if certain Zoom events are not appearing there. It is a simple matter to do this by simply going to your calendar and ticking the reminders and tasks that you wish to do. The Zoom add-on and Zoom events should now be visible if you refresh the calendar and check for the Zoom add-on.

How do I get my Zoom meeting to show on my calendar?

The Zoom desktop client is a software application that allows you to

In order to make sure the meeting is synced to your calendar service, Zoom will do so. Changing a meeting’s details: On the Meetings tab, select the meeting you wish to edit and then click Edit. Select your calendar service from the drop-down list in the Calendar section in order to integrate your calendar with your service. Save the file by clicking the Save button.

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Where did my scheduled Zoom meetings go?

Zoom’s app allows you to see upcoming events by clicking on Upcoming. All upcoming meetings that you have scheduled or that you have scheduling privileges for will be listed here so that you can keep an eye on what you have planned. Zoom will also keep track of any meetings on your calendar that it finds, if you have Zoom synchronized to your calendars.

How do I make Google Calendar the default Zoom?

The Calendar can be found under Apps > Google Workspace in the Google Admin console dashboard. On the Sharing settings page, click the Video conferencing tab, and then click the Share button. Add video calls automatically to events created by users by checking the box. Save the file.

How do I sync my Zoom with Gmail?

Getting started with Zoom for Gmail. Click Zoom for Gmail on the right-side panel when viewing an email thread. First time users need to authorize access to the add-on. If you want Zoom to access your Google account, follow Google’s instructions.

Does Zoom have built in calendar?

You can use Zoom in conjunction with a wide variety of calendar applications, allowing you to have your favorite video platform and your favorite calendar application at the same time. By allowing Zoom video meetings to be accessed directly from your calendar event, you can easily manage your schedule.

How do I save upcoming Zoom meetings?

Windows | macOS

  1. Zoom desktop client should be opened.

  2. You can access your profile settings by clicking your profile picture.

  3. To access General, click here.

  4. During upcoming meetings, select Remind me ___ minutes in advance.

  5. The dropdown menu allows you to select a different number if you would like to receive a reminder of your upcoming meetings earlier.

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