Syncing calendars in zoom app

There is a Zoom mobile app for iOS that lets you check your calendar for any Zoom meetings that are scheduled and enter those meetings to your upcoming Zoom meetings. The Zoom platform will notify you for Zoom meetings added to these calendars if reminders have been enabled.

Prerequisites for syncing calendars

  • Zoom desktop client
    • For Windows: 5.7.6 (1055) or higher
    • For macOS: 5.7.6 (1320) or higher
    • For Linux: 5.7.6 (31792.0820) or higher
  • Zoom mobile app
    • For Android: 5.7.6 (1900) or higher
    • For iOS: 5.7.6 (1056) or higher
  • The iOS Calendar app has been updated to include calendars

Setting up synced calendars

  1. Log into the Zoom mobile app by signing in with your Zoom account.
  2. Tap the Settings button.
  3. Then tap Meetings.
  4. Select Synced calendars from the list.
  5. Make sure that the toggle next to Sync Zoom Meetings from calendars is turned on.
  6. Click any calendar from which you want Zoom to sync with automatically. The calendars you’ve chosen will have a blue check mark next to them.

Joining meetings from synced calendars

  1. Tap the Meetings icon in the control bar.
  2. Select the Meeting you wish to join from the list.
  3. Click Join/Start to join the meeting.


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Frequently Asked Questions


With the Zoom desktop client

The meeting will be synced to your calendar service by Zoom. The Meetings tab contains a list of meetings. Select one and then click Edit. The calendar service you set up integration with should be selected in the Calendar section. Save the file.

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You can only connect one calendar to Zoom.
Windows | macOS | Linux
  1. Log in to Zoom’s desktop client.
  2. Click Schedule under the Home tab. You will be taken to the scheduler window.
  3. Select the settings for your meeting. …
  4. After finishing, click Save and add the meeting to your calendar service.



Log in to Zoom’s desktop client.You can change your profile settings by clicking your profile picture.Navigate to the General tab.Integrate Zoom with Outlook by checking the box.
Log in to your Google Calendar account.Select Event from the plus icon.You can select Zoom Meeting from the drop-down list under video conferencing. The Zoom Meeting will be added to the meeting details in your Google Calendar.
To have your meeting list back up, you must enable calendar sync with Zoom. How to do it on a PC and on a mobile device is shown below. Open the Zoom app or log into your Zoom account online. To configure the calendar and contact service, go to Profile > Calendar and Contact Integration.
Your preferred video platform can be used with your preferred calendar solution through Zoom’s integration with numerous calendar platforms. Zoom video meetings can be accessed right from your calendar event with one click, making scheduling easier than ever.
Your Zoom account is required to access Zoom App Marketplace. You can manage your account by clicking the Manage link at the top of the page. Select Added Apps from the navigation menu. You can remove the Google Calendar Notifications app by clicking the Remove button next to it.

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