Enabling or disabling queue notifications in Zoom App

Depending on which queues you are a member of, you can choose to receive inbound notifications or not. There is also a term for this called opting into or out of a queue.

Only the desktop client can be used to set this option. You can disable notifications from the billing status if you’re a member of both the billing and customer service queues, but you can still receive notifications from the customer service queue even if you’re not a part of the billing queue.

Prerequisites for enabling or disabling queue notifications

  • For Windows or Mac OS, Zoom desktop client 5.9.3 or higher is required
  • Your account can be set up as a Pro account, Business account, or Education account
  • Contact Center license for Zoom Contact Center
  • Admins have the option to opt out of queues

How to enable or disable inbound notifications for specific queues

Note : It is possible for administrators to view whether this product has been enabled or disabled, and to change whether there is an option to allow or disallow inbound notification calls from your queues.
  1. Launch the Zoom desktop client and sign in with your Zoom account.
  2. On the Contact Center tab, click the Contact Center button.
  3. You can enable or disable inbound notifications from a queue by clicking the toggle next to its name in the status drop-down menu located at the top-left corner of the screen. In the event that your admin has enabled you to opt out of the call queue, you will be asked to provide a reason for your opt out.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I turn off Zoom waiting room notifications?

It can be enabled for the entire account by clicking on Account Settings. Go to the Alerts tab and click on it. Click on the toggle button to enable or disable any of the settings by clicking the toggle button.

Why is Zoom not ringing on my phone?

What is the reason why my Zoom desktop client or Zoom mobile app is not ringing when I call? Ensure that the time zone in your profile is set correctly, the business hours are set correctly, and then make sure that you are logged into the Zoom desktop client as well as the Zoom mobile app.

How do I turn off Zoom call notifications?

Select Settings (gear icon) from the menu.

  1. There is now a setting menu available.

  2. It is recommended to select [ Notification Select], [ Do Not Disturb / Call Rejection / Do Not Disturb and select ].

What are zoom call queues?

Users with usernames and passwords can set up call queues in their accounts that allow them to route incoming calls to a group of users. As an example, you can direct calls to the billing department, sales department, or customer service department of your office. The maximum number of members that can be placed in a call queue is 50

Where is Zoom settings in mobile?

You can change the settings of phone users once they have been added to Zoom Phone.
Here is a guide on how to access the settings of a phone user

  • Zoom’s web portal can be accessed by logging in.

  • You will have to click on Phone System Management then Users & Rooms from the navigation menu.

  • You will be able to adjust the settings of a phone user by clicking on their name.

Can Zoom phone calls be recorded?

Auto-recording: Zoom Phone automatically records all calls you make and receive. An audio prompt can be customized to notify the parties involved that the call will be recorded in advance. Members should be able to record ad-hoc calls using the in-call controls as part of a queue call: Allow queue members to record calls, ad-hoc, while on a queue call.

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