Hierarchical structure of Zoom Rooms


For organizations where Zoom Rooms are spread across multiple buildings or floors, Zoom administrators can create a hierarchical structure of installation locations to manage them more efficiently.
You can create different levels of countries, cities, campuses, buildings, floors, etc., depending on your organization’s needs.
Account owners and administrators can manage the Zoom Rooms settings in their accounts one by one or all at once. You can also manage by group using the created hierarchy.



Zoom Rooms version 4.0 or later


Creating a hierarchical structure

The Zoom administrator can define the location of all Zoom Rooms under the account. You can also configure different settings for each hierarchy.

  • The highest level is your account. Defines default settings for all Zoom Rooms.
  • Intermediate levels are countries/regions, states, cities, campuses, buildings, and floors. The account owner or designated Zoom Rooms administrator can combine these as needed to create a hierarchical structure. These mid-level hierarchies are used to configure settings that are common to grouped Zoom Rooms.
  • The lowest level hierarchy is the individual Zoom Rooms. Account owners, Zoom Rooms administrators, and owners configured for each Zoom Rooms can configure settings specific to their respective Zoom Rooms. In addition, the room can inherit the settings from any level in the upper hierarchy.

For example, consider an organization that has two two-story buildings. Assuming there are two Zoom Rooms on each floor, the hierarchy would look like this:

  • Building A
    • Floor A1
      • Conference room A1α
      • Conference room A1β
    • Floor A2
      • Conference room A2α
      • Conference room A2β
  • Building B
    • Floor B1
      • Conference room B1α
      • Conference room B1β
    • Floor B2
      • Conference room B2α
      • Conference room B2β
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Understand configuration inheritance

If you do not change the settings in the middle-level hierarchy, all Zoom Rooms will inherit the account-level settings. Since the same setting value is reflected in all rooms, it is suitable for managing a small number of rooms by one person.

If you want to apply different settings for Building A and Building B, change the settings at the building hierarchy level. The image will be as follows.


For example, in the account settings, the email address for [Support Email] is set to ” support@mycompany.com “, but the Zoom Rooms in Building A is operated by an administrator with the email address ” support_buildingA@mycompany.com “. If you have set ” support_buildingA@mycompany.com ” in the [Support Email] item of Building A settings, both floors A1 and A2 will be set and it will be installed in Building A. The email address of ” support_buildingA@mycompany.com ” is also reflected in the [Support Email] setting item of the four Zoom Rooms settings</span>. In Building B, we haven’t changed the settings at the middle level, so ” support@mycompany.com ” will continue to apply to the Support Email settings.


Creating a Zoom Rooms hierarchy

The account owner must create the first hierarchy. The created hierarchy can be added and edited by the operation of the administrator. To create a Zoom Rooms hierarchy, follow these steps:


  • Sign in to the Zoom Web


Portal as the account owner.


  1. Open Room Management> Zoom Rooms.
  2. Click Edit Location at the top left of the page to display the Add Hierarchy screen.
  3. Check the required hierarchy. Select the location you want and you’ll see a preview of the hierarchy on the right.
  4. Make sure the required hierarchy is checked and click UpdateThe Zoom Rooms page displays the DevicesRooms, and tabs for the hierarchy you created. In addition, a preview of the hierarchy is displayed on the left side, and one place is added for each hierarchy. For example, if you select Building and Floor, one building with one floor will be created.
  5. Edit the created structure to create the structure of the location where the Zoom Rooms are installed. To change building or floor settings, first, click where you want to edit in the structure preview on the left.
  6. Click Edit on the screen that opens.
  7. The edit settings screen opens. You can change the name of the location and the settings for Zoom Rooms located at this location.
    1. Repeat steps 6-8 to change the names and settings of the locations in the hierarchy.
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To add a location, open the tab for the location you want to add and click + Add XX (XX is the building if you want to add a building) on the right.

  1. Enter the required items, such as the name of the location, and click Save.


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