Quick start guide for Yealink T4/T5 series In Zoom App

The features offered by Yealink phones and Zoom Phone are described in this article. Visit the Yealink support site to learn more about these features.


Note : 

  • Zoom Phone features are not available on desk phones.
  • Please refer to our call delegation guide for desk phones if you are part of a call delegation setup.

How to make a call

Note : 

  • The Zoom Phone environment will operate according to the area code you set in your Zoom Phone settings as the default area code when you dial a number without the area code.
  • The Zoom desktop client and mobile app will sync your status while you are on a call. The Zoom contacts you speak with will know you’re in a call.
  • Zoom Phone should be able to make outbound calls to international numbers.
  • Zoom Phone admins can set up a dial plan using provision templates to automatically call a number after dialing a number from their desk phones.
  • You can customize the look of your line keys by changing the outbound caller ID settings for your desk phone and by setting your default outgoing caller ID.

You can use the handset to make an outbound call by following these steps:

  1. Take the headset off the phone.
  2. Choose a line for the call, if you have more than one:
    • T4 series with physical line keys:
    • Press the line key.
    • T4/T5 series with a touch screen:
    • Line keys are found on both the left and right sides of the screen.
  3. Use the telephone’s physical dial pad or the on-screen dialing pad to call a number. If you would like to search your organization’s list of Zoom Phone users by adding a name or an extension number, you can do so as well.
    Note: A few seconds may pass before the search results are displayed.
  4. Click Send.

The speakerphone can be used to make a call as follows:

  1. The speakerphone can be activated by pressing the speakerphone button in the bottom-right corner of your phone.
  2. Optional: Choose a line for the call if you have more than one:
    • T4 series with physical line keys:
    • Tap a line key.
    • T4/T5 series with a touch screen:
    • You can also tap on one of the line keys (located on either the left-hand or right-hand side of the screen).
  3. Use the physical or virtual dial pad on the phone to dial a number. For a more comprehensive search of Zoom Phone users within your organization, you can enter a name or extension number.
    Note: A few seconds may pass before results are displayed.
  4. Click Send.


How to search the company directory

Note : 

  • Be sure that your desk phone is capable of sending your contact information to the company directory.
  • This feature can also be accessed when making a phone call to the company.
  • It might be necessary to reboot your phone manually or ask your administrator to re-sync the phone with the company directory if you cannot access it.
  1. Press the Directory button on the home screen of the phone.
  2. Navigate to the LDAP server.
  3. In order to view the users of Zoom Phone in your company’s directory, please enter a name or extension number.
    Note: Results may not appear immediately after entering a search term.
  4. Click on the phone number of the person you wish to call, and then click on Call.


How to receive a call

You will be notified when an incoming call has arrived with the name and number of the caller on your caller ID. It does not matter whether you answer a phone call directly from your direct number, your company number, or one from a call queue within the Yealink phone system, you will receive the same notification whether the call is answered directly from the direct number or directly from the company number.

Note :

  • So you can tell when someone is calling either from a direct line, a company line, or from a call queue, Zoom desktop and mobile clients display call notifications with more specifics.
  • Zoom desktop client and mobile app will sync your call status while you are on a call. It will be apparent to all of your Zoom contacts that you are currently engaged in a call. 

T4 series without touchscreen

T4 series with a touchscreen

T5 series with a touchscreen

How to place a call on hold

T4 series without touchscreen

  • Hold the hold button or press Hold while on a call.

  • When the call is over, press the resume button.

T4 series with a touchscreen

  • To hold a call, tap the hold button or use the touchscreen.

  • When you want the call to resume, tap the hold button or press the hold button again.

T5 series with a touchscreen

  • To hold a call, tap the Hold button or tap the touchscreen.

  • You can then resume the call by tapping the resume button or by pressing the hold button.


How to transfer a call

T4 series without touchscreen

  • Press the Transfer button while on a call.

  • Enter the number you wish to reach. Alternatively, you can dial the extension number of the person you wish to send the call to.

  • Select a transfer method:
    • Blind transfer: When you press B Transfer, the call is immediately transferred and hung up.
    • Warm transfer: By pressing Send, the call will be placed on hold while the transfer is made. The automated answering machine option may be useful if you need to get to the receiving party before your call is transferred or if you are navigating an automated answering machine for the caller. Select Transfer when you are ready.

T4 series with a touchscreen

  • You can transfer a call by tapping the Transfer button or pressing the Transfer button.

  • Then you will have to dial the number you are transferring to. For example, if you are transferring to another Zoom Phone user, you will need to dial his/her extension number.

  • You can choose between the following three methods.
    • Warm transfer: You can select the Send button and make the transfer while the call is on hold. In cases where you would like to talk to the recipient before your call is transferred, this is an excellent option. This option might be useful if you have to operate an automated answering machine for the caller. You can complete the transfer by pressing the Transfer button.
    • Blind transfer: Just press B Transfer and hang up to complete the transfer.

T5 series with a touchscreen

  • If you are in the middle of an active call, you can either press or tap the Transfer button.

  • To transfer to another number, you can dial the number. You can also dial an internal Zoom Phone extension number to transfer to that user.

  • You can choose from the following transfer methods:

    • Warm transfer: By pressing Send, the call will be placed on hold until the transfer is complete. The answer machine of the caller is not recognized by the system or the caller wishes to speak with you before the call is transferred. Please tap Transfer to transfer the call.
    • Blind transfer: When you tap Transfer, the call will be immediately transferred and you will be able to hang up.


How to start a three-way call

  1. Give me a call.
  2. Press conference or tap.
    We will put the previous call on hold.
  3. Add the number to the call by entering it or selecting it, then tapping or pressing Conference.
    This will start a new conversation.
  4. The two can be merged via a press conference or by tapping.


How to view call history

T4 series without touchscreen

  • Select History from the menu.

  • To navigate the call history, use the directional pad.
  • To return a call, press Send.

T4 series with a touchscreen

  • Tap on the “History” button from the home screen.

  • Using the touch pad or on screen controls, navigate through the call history.
  • When you find the name or number of the caller, you can call them back.

T5 series with a touchscreen

  • On the home screen, you will find an icon for the call history.

  • In order to navigate the call history, use the touchscreen.
  • You can call back a number or an ID from the call history by tapping it.


How to check voicemail

Note: You can play voicemails from your desk phone if you must access a shared voicemail inbox, but you cannot identify which message is from the shared mailbox. If the message comes from a shared inbox, you can identify it using the Zoom desktop client, mobile app, or web portal.

  1. You can access your voicemail message center here:
    • On the device, you can press Message.
    • To access your voicemail center via your desk phone, dial *86.
  2. Type your voicemail PIN followed by # when prompted.
  3. Choose one of the following keys:
    Key Description
    1 Play all voicemail messages starting with your new (unplayed) messages.
    2 Record a voicemail greeting. The greeting will be added to your Zoom Phone audio library.

    Note: A voicemail greeting can also be recorded in the Zoom web portal.

  4. To do so, simply listen to the instructions.


How to set status to DND (do not disturb)

To reduce the alerts you receive for incoming calls on your desk phone, you can set the status of your phone to DND (do not disturb).


  • In order to apply DND, the phone has to be set to the DND mode. Neither the Zoom desktop client nor the Zoom mobile app sync this status with your other desk phones assigned to you.
  • Inbound call notifications will not appear on the screen or sound when DND is set.

T4 series without touchscreen

  • Press the DND button at the bottom of the home screen.

Upon returning to the home screen, you will be able to see the following icon: .

  • If you wish to reset your status, please click the same button.

T4 series with a touchscreen

  • From the home screen, press and hold the DND button.

An icon will appear on the screen to the left that reads: .

  • You can reset your status by pressing the same button.

T5 series with a touchscreen

  • Tap DND in the bottom left of the screen after you swipe down from the top.

A small icon will appear along the top of the screen as follows.

  • Remove the status by following the steps previously mentioned.


How to use line keys

In the following cases, your phone will show multiple lines on the screen:

  • There are several direct phone numbers that you have on file.
  • As part of your call delegation setup, you are the designated delegate to either call or receive calls on behalf of another user.
  • If you belong to a sharing group, you will also be the designated delegate.

Line key labels

Note: It is possible to change the labels and the order of the line keys on your line keys. According to the number of direct and shared numbers on a given line, the line keys are labelled with different labels:

  • You will be able to see your name on the line key label if you have only one direct number and if you don’t have any direct numbers.
  • Depending on how many direct numbers you have, the line keys will display the numbers on the device.
  • We have a guide that will tell you all you need to know about call delegation on desk phones if you have it.

Selecting a line before making a call

  1. Select a line:
    • T4 and T5 series with a touchscreen: On the home screen, tap the line key.
    • T4 series without a touchscreen: You can access the line key by pushing it physically on the phone. When you are using the line key, the light on the line key will turn solid green.
  2. If you do not have a headset, you can utilize the speakerphone feature. Find the speakerphone icon in the bottom-right corner of your phone or pick up the headset.
  3. From the physical or onscreen number pad, dial the desired number.
  4. Tap or press Send once you have entered the number.


Other features

This quick start guide does not cover all the features of desk phones and you may want to refer to these articles for more information:

  • Delegation of a call
  • To a shared group of lines
  • Known as the Hot Desk

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do Yealink phones work with Zoom?

It is essential that Zoom Meeting app is compatible with both Zoom Rooms and Zoom Phone to ensure that every meeting or call is a Zoom experience. The Yealink Zoom certified product line is built by a global leader in UC&C solutions so that users can enjoy a seamless Zoom experience. In order to provide a consistent Zoom experience to users around the world, Yealink builds its entire Zoom certified product portfolio with consistent product designs, high-quality hardware, and affordable prices.

What is the Zoom toolbar?

There are multiple options available in terms of how an invite can be sent, including sending an email, adding a contact, copying the URL, and copying the invitation. In order to make the meeting a success, it is necessary to manage participants. There is the option of muting or renaming the group by the host. A meeting is being held with members present. Your desktop screen can be shared with your group if you want to do so.

How do I extend my Zoom time limit for free?

There is a specific trick that Zoom users can use in order to extend a free meeting beyond the 40-minute mark, even if they have free accounts. It is easy to set up your meeting by opening the Zoom application and clicking the Schedule button at the bottom of the screen. In your Meeting ID settings, make sure that you have the Generate Automatically option selected. The calendar option should be changed to Other Calendars so that you can see other calendars.

Where are the Zoom settings?

To access settings in the Zoom desktop client:

  • You will need to sign in to the Zoom desktop client in order to use this feature.

  • After clicking on your profile picture, select Settings from the drop-down menu. Upon clicking this button, you will be taken to a window that allows you to access the following options:

How do you answer a Zoom phone call?

In order to help you identify the caller while an incoming call is taking place, Zoom Phone displays a call notification at the top of the screen. If you manually set your status to Do not disturb, you will not receive call notifications if your status has been set to Do not disturb. You may choose one of the following options depending on how the call notification appears on your screen: Accept: Answer the call.

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