With safe driving mode in Zoom Meeting

When joining a Zoom meeting using an iPhone or mobile terminal You can swipe to the right in the meeting window to change to the safe driving mode.

Home screen  >  Settings > meeting set > safe driving mode

Know it Also – What Is Safe Driving Mode In Zoom App

How to enter safe driving mode in Zoom 


Swipe right on the meeting screen.

To return to the regular meeting window

Swipe left


In this mode, the microphone and video are automatically stopped and muted.


How to make a call in Safe Driving In zoom App

You need to tap the Tap icon to talk.

To finish speaking

Tap [End conversation] .

You can switch from the phone microphone or speaker.

It is important that you enable Safe Driving Mode as soon as you have joined a meeting. As soon as your video stops, your mic will automatically be muted, as well as your video. You can unmute your phone by tapping Tap to Speak once you have finished which will let you talk. After you have finished speaking, tap on Done Speaking on the phone screen to mute it after you have finished speaking.
If you want to change to a safe driving mode while in a meeting, you can swipe to the right from the meeting window. The meeting screen can be accessed by swiping to the right. This mode automatically mutes and stops the microphone in addition to the video, so that it is impossible to hear each other.

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