Zoom Phone HubSpot integration

Zoom Phone HubSpot integration

Zoom Phone is an integrated service that allows you to make calls from HubSpot using Zoom Phone. Some of the features that Zoom Phone offers are as follows:

  • Using HubSpot’s automated dialing feature, a phone number can be automatically contacted by a simple click
  • on the “Dial a phone number manually” button
  • Using HubSpot, you will be able to automatically track calls and capture meaningful information for your organization (agents can leave notes, create tasks, etc.)
  • The call logs in HubSpot will let you access your voicemails and recordings.
  • Zoom provides you with high call quality and security, no matter where you are on the planet
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  • planet. Zoom clients enable agents to take advantage of additional features.

Prerequisites for integrating Zoom Phone with HubSpot

  • License for Zoom Phone
  • That is configured with Zoom Phone
  • version 5.2.0 or higher and the Zoom client
  • Zoom Phone for HubSpot app requires administrator access to Zoom and HubSpot for installation and uninstallation

How to install and sign in to the Zoom Phone app within HubSpot

For this procedure to be completed, you need to have administrator rights in both HubSpot and Zoom:

  1. Make sure that you are logged in as an administrator in your HubSpot account.
  2. Then click Marketplace from the main navigation bar, and then select App Marketplace.
  3. From the search bar, type Zoom Phone into the search field.
  4. Once you have selected Zoom Phone for HubSpot, click Install app.
  5. Click the Sign In button at the bottom of the dialog box and enter your Zoom admin login credentials.

    • In order for Zoom Phone for HubSpot to be able to access your Zoom account, you will be asked to grant permission. To grant permission, click on Authorize.
    • As part of the installation process, Zoom Phone for HubSpot will ask for your permission to access your account at HubSpot. Simply click the Connect app button.
  6. You can now see the Zoom Phone icon within the list of your calling providers.

How to make a call using Zoom Phone in HubSpot

Call from a contact record

  1. When you are logged into your HubSpot account, go to Contacts and click on Contacts.
  2. Locate a record and click on it.
  3. Click Call in the left panel, then click Call from: Zoom Phone in the drop down menu.
  4. Enter the number you wish to dial.

    • You will be prompted to sign in to Zoom Phone when you enter the number. Please sign in with your Zoom login credentials, if you are not signed in to the Zoom app. Then, authorize the app.
    • The widget will automatically minimize once you connect your call.
    • It will expand once you have finished your call so you can see the dial panel.

Call from the Zoom Phone widget

  1. Log in to your HubSpot account, click Call, then choose the phone number that you want to call from: Zoom Phone.
  2. Choose the phone number that you want to call from.
  3. You can search for the name of your contact on the Zoom Phone widget, or you can type in a phone number and then click the phone icon on the Zoom Phone widget.

How to view call logs

HubSpot automatically logs inbound and outbound calls on your behalf. Each of these call logs is categorized by month and includes the following information:

  • A HubSpot user’s name would appear in this field
  • Whenever the contact places an inbound or outbound call
  •  the call date and time are recorded
  • as well as any associated recordings
  • as well as any voicemail messages

Follow these steps in order to view your call logs:

  1. Log into your HubSpot account by entering your email address and password
  2. at the top of the screen. Then click Contacts, followed by Contacts.
  3. Click on the right hand side of the right panel and select the Tab for Calls after selecting the desired contact.
  4. To view more details about an item in the call log, click the item itself. The complement information will be displayed when the module is expanded.
  5. To leave a note and assign an outcome to any call log item, simply click the item. You can leave a note by typing it in the space provided, then clicking Save. Alternatively, you can select an outcome by clicking Select an outcome and selecting the outcome you wish to assign.
  6. -If a call item offers a recording or voicemail option, click on the recording or voicemail link within the item to be directed to that page.

How to sign out from the Zoom Phone app from HubSpot

  1. Zoom Phone can be accessed by opening the Zoom Phone widget.
  2. On the dial panel’s left side, click Sign out to sign out of Zoom Phone.
    Note: After signing out of Zoom Phone, all user information from the current session will be discarded.

How to remove the integration between Zoom and HubSpot

A Zoom app and a HubSpot app are being integrated to provide the service. You will be required to uninstall both Zoom and HubSpot’s apps in order to stop this integration from taking place. The following steps need to be performed while you are an administrator in Zoom and HubSpot:

Uninstall the Zoom Phone for HubSpot app from HubSpot

Zoom Phone for HubSpot can be uninstalled by following the instructions from HubSpot in order to uninstall the app.

Remove the Zoom Phone for HubSpot app from Zoom Marketplace

The following instructions will show you how to uninstall the Zoom Phone for HubSpot app.