When a participant’s video screen has blacked out during a zoom meeting

This post was most recently updated on July 28th, 2022

First make sure that the Zoom app is the latest version.

Method of confirmation

To check the version you are running, go to the home screen of the Zoom application, click the “▼” down arrow next to the name, and check the “Check for Updates …” update in the middle of the pull-down To do.

Please refer to the confirmation method of running Zoom version .

If Zoom was the latest version,

When the CPU load on the PC is high, and when the network bandwidth is tight, optimize data transmission and reception. At that time, priority is given to audio data, so the resolution of the image may be reduced. This section describes other possible causes, so please check it as a reference for the isolation.

  • Distance-The length the signal has to travel is a function of the time it takes a request to reach the server and the response to get to the browser.
  • Transmission Medium-The medium used to route signals (eg, copper wire, fiber optic cable) affects how quickly a request is received by the server and sent back to the user.
  • Number of network hops-The intermediate router or server takes time to process the signal and RTT increases. The more hops a signal passes through, the higher the RTT.
  • Traffic level-Generally, when the network is congested with high level traffic, RTT increases. Conversely, short traffic times can reduce RTT.
  • Server Response Time-The time it takes a target server to respond to a request depends on its processing power, the number of requests being processed, and the nature of the request (that is, the amount of work required on the server side). RTT increases as server response time increases.

As a test, please reproduce the symptoms in an environment or condition that does not pass through the VPN and isolate the cause.

If Zoom is not the latest version,

Please upgrade to the latest version.

Where can I download the latest version?  Please refer to.

If the same thing happens, there may be another cause, please contact our support.