Comparison of call routing methods in Zoom App

As can be seen from the table below, the main call routing methods are compared in terms of their features. It is possible for Zoom Phone systems to route inbound calls to a specific phone user or group of phone users by using the call routing methods described above. For more information on each call routing method, you may wish to read the following articles:


  • Despite the fact that call delegation works very differently from the main call routing methods in this comparison, it has been excluded from the comparison.
  • The Linux desktop client does not support the creation of shared line groups.
  • An auto receptionist, a call queue, or a shared line group can be set up so that phone users are not able to view outbound caller ID numbers that belong to those.


NA: Not applicable

Feature Auto receptionists Call queues Shared line groups
It is possible to assign direct numbers to
members of the group based on their location or their phone numbers NA
The maximum number of group members is NA 50 10

(see note A)

Add members that belong to another site (if multiple sites enabled) NA
Phone users can use direct numbers as their outbound caller ID number (client or app)
(members only)

(members only)
Phone users can customize line key settings to use direct numbers as outbound caller ID number (desk phones)
(members only)

(members only)
Direct numbers appear as a separate line on desk phones
(members only)
Multiple call distribution methods (for example: simultaneous, sequential, rotating) only simultaneous
Greeting prompt before routing

(see note B)

Custom business, closed, or holiday hours for routing rules
Route to phone user
Route to common area phone
Route to auto receptionist
Route to call queue
Route to dedicated voicemail inbox with voicemail greeting
Route to another extension’s voicemail inbox (phone user, auto receptionist, call queue, or shared line group)
Route to custom audio message
Route to Zoom Rooms with a Zoom Phone license
Route to external contact  ✔
Dedicated voicemail inbox
Share voicemail inbox with phone users
Automatic call recording assigned directly to the extension
Assign another phone user to manage settings
Enable call monitoring


Note A (shared line groups max membership):It is possible to increase the maximum number of members in the shared line group to 50. Zoom must be able to enable the increased limit in order for it to work.

The following is note B (a greeting message is displayed before the call is routed): During routing, the greeting prompt will be played before routing the call if there are less than 11 members in the call queue or if there is a customized greeting prompt. Due to this, the waiting time will not take into account the length of the greeting prompt. The default greeting prompt will play at the same time as routing if there are more than 10 call queue members or if there is no customized greeting prompt. This will decrease the waiting time for callers if there is a large number of call queue members or there is no customized greeting prompt.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Does Zoom phone have IVR?

In an automated receptionist, calls are answered by a personalized recorded message, and calls are routed to one or more users, call queues, common area phones, or voicemail via a personalized recording. A fully automated receptionist can be configured to route calls directly to an interactive voice response (IVR) system in order to give callers the option of choosing what routing options they would prefer when they call your office.

What are call queues in zoom?

Account owners and administrators can create a call queue that allows incoming calls to be routed to groups of users for them to receive the calls who are in the queue. To receive assistance with your support inquiries, you can contact the customer service department of your office, the billing department, or even the customer service department of your company’s office. Normally, there are no more than 50 members in a call queue at a time. Call queue settings can also be changed and you can monitor the calls that are in the queue.

Is Zoom a phone VoIP?

The Zoom VoIP service lets you make and receive phone calls over the internet

There is no doubt that Zoom Phone is one of the best VoIP providers on the market today. It is our goal at Zoom Phone to help businesses improve productivity, reduce costs, and improve the outcomes of their businesses by modernizing their communication systems. As part of the Zoom Phone service, you will be able to use the Zoom software and native apps on all the devices you already have.

What is Zoom phone system?

The most modern system for cloud based telephony. Communications in the cloud for modern businesses. One platform is able to host video, voice, chat, and collaborate across different devices and is able to handle all of these activities in a single place. We offer a modern cloud-based phone system that meets all your needs. Besides traditional PBX features, Zoom Phone also comes with new ways for employees to interact and communicate, enabling business to function in a more efficient and productive manner.

Why phone calls are better than Zoom?

You may find it easier to deliver tough feedback via phone call than via Zoom, and it will be less likely to cause confusion, and you will feel like you are interacting with someone on a more personal level.

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