How to control Participant in a meeting in Zoom App

A Zoom meeting is open to all members as long as no co-host has been invited to the meeting or when the meeting has been handed over from the original host to you. The user who scheduled the meeting will control the meeting if the host is unable to attend. For more information, click here.


  • The Zoom desktop client can be used with Mac, Windows, or Linux computers
  • Computers as well as Zoom mobile apps for iOS and Android phones
  • Phones in addition to a Zoom web interface

Windows | macOS | Linux

Whenever you do not have a screen sharing session selected, the participant controls are displayed at the bottom of your screen.

The following features are available to participants:

  • Join Audio or Unmute/ Mute:
  • You have the option of muting or unmuting your microphone.
    Audio Controls (click the ^ arrow next to Mute / Unmute):
  • There are several settings that you will find in the Zoom Control Center. You can adjust Zoom’s audio settings as well as change which mic and speaker Zoom is currently using on your computer.
  • You can mute or unmute yourself by using the keyboard shortcuts listed below. By holding the spacebar, you will also be able to unmute yourself when you are using push to talk.
    • Windows: Alt + A
    • Mac: Shift + Command + A
  • Start Video/ Stop Video :
  • You can turn on or off your camera.
  • Video Controls (click the ^ arrow next to Start Video / Stop Video):
  • Access or change your video settings, or change the camera if you have multiple cameras.
  • Participants:
  • See who is online and invite them. If you hover your mouse over your display name and click More, these options are also available:
    • Rename:
    • Change the screen name others see.
    • Share My Pronouns/Unshare My Pronouns:
    • Your pronouns can be shared or unshared during the current meeting if you have entered them in your profile. A Zoom version of 5.7.0 or higher is required to access this feature.
  • Chat :
  • You can chat with other participants in the chat window.
  • Share Screen:
  • Begin a screen sharing (if allowed by the host). Shared desktops and applications can be selected.
  • Record :
  • The local recording can be started or stopped. Cloud recordings cannot be started by participants.
    Note : 
  • You will need permission from the host to record local recordings in the account settings, then you will be able to do so. Ask the host whether you can record if you do not have permission via in-meeting chat or audio.
  • Closed Caption or Live Transcript :
  • For closed captions or the live transcript, click when enabled by the host.
  • Reactions :
  • You can communicate issues or feedback during a meeting with the host or presenter by using meeting reactions, nonverbal feedback, and raising your hand without interrupting the meeting. There will be a small rectangle next to the name of the participant on the video panel, and the reaction will be shown on the video panel.
  • Apps :
  • In order to use Marketplace Apps in the meeting directly, you need to open the Zoom Apps panel.
  • Leave:
  • The participant leaving the meeting will not be able to see what is happening in the meeting. The host is the only person who is allowed to end the meeting.
  • Web client

    At the bottom of your screen, you will find the controls for the participants.

    The following features are available to participants:

    • Join Audio or Unmute/ Mute:
    • If your microphone is muted, you can unmute it.
    • Start Video / Stop Video :
    • Allows you to turn on or off the camera.
    • Participants:
    • Currently, all participants are listed here. Additionally, you can choose from the following options:
      • Rename:
      • The name displayed to other participants can be changed by hovering over it.
      • Share My Pronouns/Unshare My Pronouns:
      • Your pronouns can be shared or unshared in the current meeting if you entered them in your profile.
      • Invite:
      • Share your meeting with others.
    • Share Screen :
    • Start sharing your screen (if your host permits it). Select the application or desktop you wish to share.
    • Chat :
    • You can chat with other participants using the chat window.
    • Closed Caption or Live Transcription :
    • Depending on the host’s setting, you can click Show Subtitle in the meeting window in order to view a transcription of the meeting.
    • Reactions :
    • You can communicate issues or feedback to the meeting host or presenter through the use of meeting reactions, non-verbal feedback, and Raise Hand actions without affecting the meeting. There is also a small box next to your name on the participants panel where you will see your reactions to the video panel.
    • Settings :
    • There are other settings available in the meeting/webinar.
    • More :
      • Stop incoming video:
      • With this feature, you will be able to destroy video that is being sent by other participants. In these cases, a means of preserving bandwidth can be used to enhance the quality of your meeting experience at the same time.
    • Leave:
    • During the course of the meeting, it is recommendable to leave. Ending the meeting is the exclusive right of the host.


    Except for the Leave meeting icon, the controls for the participants appear at the bottom of the screen.

    • Join Audio or Unmute / Mute :
    • The microphone will be muted or unmuted.
    • Start Video / Stop Video :
    • Record your own video and stop it.
    • If you switch away from Zoom to another app or your home screen while using the Zoom mobile app for Android or iOS, your video will automatically end.
    • Share :
    • Share your screen. There are several options that let you choose what to share.
    • Participants:
    • Listed below is a list of who is presently participating in the meeting. From the list of participants, you can also access the following options:
      • Using the tap button will allow you to change your name, raise your hand, or share or unshare your pronouns.
      • Invite:
      • Send an invitation to others who are interested in joining your meeting.
    • More
      • Chat :
      • If you want to talk to the other participants, you can access the chat window.
      • Request Live Transcription :
      • To enable live transcription, you need to contact the webinar host.
      • View Full Transcript :
      • Providing live transcription is enabled on the server and participants can view the full transcript if the host has enabled live transcription.
      • Meeting Settings :
      • Here you can customize some settings for your current meeting.
      • Minimize Meeting :
      • If you’re checking your chat messaging or arranging a new meeting, minimize the meeting window. Dragging this window around will allow you to see more of the screen. The minimized meeting window can be maximized again once you are ready to do so.
      • Backgrounds and Filters :
      • Choose a virtual background and enable it.
      • Disconnect Audio:
      • During the meeting, the audio will be disconnected. If you want to connect to the audio of the meeting, you will need to click Join Audio again within the meeting controls.
      • Raise Hand / Lower Hand:
      • By tapping the screen, you are able to raise or lower your hand. When you raise your hand the host will see an icon next to your name on the list of participants as soon as your hand is raised.
      • Non-verbal feedback icons (if enabled by the host):
      • In the participants list, once you tap an icon, the icon will appear beside your name on a list of all the participants. As an example, when you click on the hand icon, a hand raise icon will appear next to your name and simulate the moment when a hand is raised.


    Controls for participants are located at the bottom of the screen, aside from Leave meeting which is located at the top-right corner.

    • Join Audio or Unmute / Mute :
    • Once connected, you can muffle or unmute your microphone once connected to the meeting’s audio.
    • Start Video / Stop Video :
    • Control your video from your own computer.
      Note : 
    • It is important to keep in mind that when you switch from Zoom to another app or to your home screen while using the mobile Zoom app on either Android or iOS, the video will automatically turn off.
  • Share Content :
  • You can share your screen. You will have the option of selecting the content that you want to share.
  • Participants:
  • Here you can view who is presently part of the meeting. The list of participants also provides you with the following options:
  • More :

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Can I control someone else’s screen in Zoom?

    It is very simple to give control to the meeting attendee that you wish to enable access to your document or computer screen. Once you have shared a document or screen, you can click the Remote Control button on the right-side of the meeting controls (as shown below), and select the attendee from the drop down list.

    Where are host controls in Zoom?

    You will be able to access the host controls at the bottom of your screen. Note, however, that you will see the option to End Meeting at the top of your screen, right next to the Meeting ID. Click on Join Audio or Mute / Unmute to mute or unmute your microphone. Start Video / Stop Video : This is a button that allows you to start or stop your own video.

    How do I leave a Zoom meeting without the host knowing?

    In a Zoom meeting, you are not allowed to sneak out without anyone noticing, as your absence is clearly visible from the grid view and the list of participants. It is still important to be inconspicuous, but this can be accomplished by taking some time to be a little less obvious.

    Can a Zoom meeting run without the host?

    The Zoom meeting can be started or joined without the host being present as long as the host had configured specific settings for the meeting in advance. There is a feature called waiting room that can be disabled by the host when scheduling a meeting, but the host should enable the option that allows participants to join before the host arrives.

    Can I join a Zoom meeting without being seen?

    You will have to enter the meeting ID number in order to join the meeting. The name you want to appear in the meeting should be entered here. I would like my video to be turned off. Please click on the Join button.

    What does blocking someone on Zoom do?

    The Admin call log will not show blocked calls and the associated phone user’s call history will not show blocked calls. If a caller is blocked, they will hear a generic message stating that they have been unable to reach the person whom they are trying to reach.

    Why can’t I give remote control on Zoom?

    In order to edit account settings, you will need to log into the Zoom web portal as an administrator with the right to change account settings. Select Account Management from the navigation menu and then click on Account Settings from the Account Management menu. Select the Meetings tab from the menu on the left. Make sure that Remote Support has been turned on in your account.

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