Start a Phone-Only Meeting Using Zoom Room

This post was most recently updated on July 28th, 2022

With Zoom Room, you can start a conference using only PSTN / Telephony (phone dial) audio. Zoom ROom requires a PSTN phone, VoIP phone, or SIP dialer (ex. Revolabs UC1500 / 1000) in the room.

How to use the phone to join a meeting

  1. Schedule a meeting , and [ voice [under the option phone and choose].Web portal screen

client screen

  1. Start a meeting on the Zoom room controller.
  2. Click the information icon next to the meeting ID to view the join details.

Meeting information

  1. Dial the number on a PSTN phone, VoIP phone, or SIP dialer, then enter the meeting and participant ID.

Note : Enter the correct participant ID to lock in the Zoom room audio. Otherwise, echo may occur.


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