Start a Phone-Only Meeting Using Zoom Room

With Zoom Room, you can start a conference using only PSTN / Telephony (phone dial) audio. Zoom ROom requires a PSTN phone, VoIP phone, or SIP dialer (ex. Revolabs UC1500 / 1000) in the room.

How to use the phone to join a meeting

  1. Schedule a meeting , and [ voice [under the option phone and choose].Web portal screen

client screen

  1. Start a meeting on the Zoom room controller.
  2. Click the information icon next to the meeting ID to view the join details.

Meeting information

  1. Dial the number on a PSTN phone, VoIP phone, or SIP dialer, then enter the meeting and participant ID.
Note : Enter the correct participant ID to lock in the Zoom room audio. Otherwise, echo may occur.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Zoom Rooms are personal meeting rooms that host and alternate hosts can use to start live meetings and webinars. On the desktop client of the Zoom Room app as well as in the personal event list of the Zoom Room, the event will be displayed.
Zoom meetings can be started or joined without the host present, as long as the host has configured specific settings in the meeting schedule that specify how the meeting will work without the host present. As soon as the host of the meeting schedules a meeting, the feature of the waiting room will be disabled and the feature will be enabled to allow participants to join before the host of the meeting.
The Zoom desktop client functions on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux OSes, and Zoom mobile apps for Android and iOS are also available. As the host, you can also start the meeting from your web browser or by using a Zoom API call.
Ensure that you are logged in as an owner or administrator of the account whose settings can be edited via the Zoom web portal. The Account Management menu can be found in the navigation menu, and then Account Settings can be accessed from there. You will see a tab called Audio Conferencing when you click on it. In order to enable or disable the calling me and inviting me by phone feature, you need to click the toggle button.

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