Video or microphone off by participant or attendee in Zoom App

This post was most recently updated on July 28th, 2022

First of all

Meeting attendees can choose to turn their video or microphone on or off when joining a meeting. This can be done by updating the settings of the Zoom app.



  • In order to update the settings, the user must have a Zoom account.




Select Settings in the Zoom client to turn off video or audio by default when joining a meeting.


You can select the following option to disable the microphone when joining a meeting.

You can disable the video when joining a meeting by selecting the following option: :

[ Participate in the meeting] that after you click on the switch the following options, you can also disable the audio or video before to participate in the meeting.


Video or audio to be turned off by default at the time of participation in the meeting, in the setting of the Zoom app [ meeting] and choose.


The next option You can always mute your microphone and disable it when joining a meeting.


The next option You can disable your video when joining a meeting by choosing Always turn off your video.

You can also disable audio or video before joining a meeting by clicking Join Meeting and then switching between the following options: