When Host key is required in Zoom App





What is the Zoom Host key?


6-digit PIN which is needed to claim host control in a meeting. In your Zoom Profile, you can view or edit your host key. In your Zoom scheduled Meeting, the Host key will be applied.

When you need a host Key




will be required to use the Host Key to claim yourself as a Host


Requests host control when joining the Zoom client.

Host keys can also be used in H.323/SIP systems that connect to a meeting to claim the role of host.

To regain host control when not logged in

you can also use the Zoom desktop application by selecting Participants and Request Host.


At PAC Zoom Meeting

The meeting host (or any other participant who knows the host key)
can start a PAC meeting by entering a 6-digit pin when requested by the automated attendant.


When Entering a host key in a PAC Zoom Meeting

The meeting starts and other users can join as participants.


To the Zoom meeting organizers

There are organizer controls that can be held through DTMF listed in the Personal Audio Conference Hosting list.

Requirements for using host keys

  • Paid license (more than professional license)


How to View host key 

You can always edit and enter your favorite 6-digit host key by following these steps:

  1. Log in to my profile.
  2. Host key to scroll down the section.]
  3. To display the 6 digit pin, select [Show] next to [Host key ********].
  4. Your 6 digit host key pin will be shown.


How to Edit or change this host key

  1. Follow the same process as Host Key viewing, once your Host pin will be shown then-
  2. Choose Edit.
  3. Enter the required new host key and select Save.


How to claim as Host using H.323 / SIP equipment


Use of dial string

You can join as a host through an H.323 or SIP device by adding a host key to the dial string.


How to join as a host using a dial string


Meeting without password:

[IP Address] ## [Meeting ID] # ## [Host Key] Example: ## 123456789 # ## 123456


Meeting with password: 

[IP address] ## [meeting ID] # [password] # [layout] # [host key] Example: # 123456789 # 12345 # 11 # 123456



Meeting without password:

[Meeting ID] … [Host Key] @ [IP Address] Example: 123456789 … 123456 @ zoomcrc.com

Meeting with password: 

[Meeting ID]. [Password] .. [Host Key] @ [IP Address] Example: 123456789.12345..123456 @ zoomcrc.com


How to claim as Host, when cloud recording is started?

If you do not enter a host key when you first join, you will be prompted to enter a host key when you start cloud recording.


How to claim yourself as a Host using the Zoom Desktop Client App

If you want to claim yourself as Host when you join a zoom meeting and join before Host is enabled then follow these steps for further process.

Join the Zoom Meeting

Click on the Participation Icon.

Now, we need to claim Host at the participation list button.

Then put your host key

Click on Click Host


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