Using the Zoom chat integration for Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud notifications are sent to Zoom chat channels through the Zoom chat app for Adobe Creative Cloud.

Prerequisites for using the Zoom app for Creative Cloud

  • I have a Zoom account.
  • In Adobe Creative Cloud that has been verified
  • Adobe Creative Cloud pre-approval to use their chat application in Zoom Marketplace

Note: Please contact your Zoom administrator if your app does not appear to be pre-approved.

Note: It is important to note that this chat app will only work on Macs running version 4.6.2 and up.

How to add and configure

Add the integration from Zoom Marketplace

  1. In order to access the Zoom Marketplace, you will have to log in as an administrator to your Zoom account.
  2. Find Adobe Creative Cloud in your search results and select it.
  3. Pre-approval of an app is needed if it has not been approved before.
  4. When adding the app click Confirm App permissions, then select Authorize.
  5. The Zoom chat app for Adobe Creative Cloud will also be added and available to all users registered with Zoom. You will then be redirected to a success page. It will appear under the APPS section in the Zoom client as a chat application for the Adobe Creative Cloud.
  6. Now, you have to choose an Adobe Creative Cloud account to authorize Zoom to access your Adobe Creative Cloud account.

Connect and configure the Adobe Creative Cloud chat app

  1. From the Zoom Marketplace, add the Adobe Creative Cloud app. And once you do that, switch to the 1:1 Zoom chat channel that corresponds to the Adobe Creative Cloud app.
  2. Click on the connect button.
  3. Authentication will be supported on your account by Adobe Creative Cloud, once the chat app for Adobe Creative Cloud responds with the link.
  4. You will then be able to authorize your account through this link.
  5. When you receive a successful authorization message in Zoom chat, you will also receive a successful web page.
  6. In Zoom IM, using the configure command, any user can set up notifications to be sent to any chat channel.

Using the chat commands

You need to type /acc before the command in a group channel


The Adobe Creative Cloud chat app gives you a list of all the commands you can use with it if you type the word help.


  1. Configure the Adobe Creative Cloud notifications to be delivered to Zoom chat channels with the configure command.
  2. Follow the link to bring up a web page that allows you to configure notifications.

When you configure Zoom chat channels, you will receive notifications from those channels as soon as you do. There are a number of ways that you can subscribe to receive notifications, including:

Asset Created: Contains the Asset Name, the Path, and the Format of the Asset.

Asset Updated: Name, path, and format of the asset are included. The update menu item is triggered when the Updated menu item is clicked on the asset.

Asset Deleted: The Asset Name and Format are included in this field. I will only receive an email when the asset is permanently deleted. If an asset does not have the ability to be permanently deleted, you can permanently delete it by deleting it first, then expanding the Deleted directory, and finally deleting it permanently.

Directory Created: The path to the directory as well as the name of the directory.

Within a few seconds of the event taking place on Adobe Creative Cloud, a Zoom notification appears in the client. As an example notification, here is what a notification looks like for creating an asset:

Instant meetings

  1. You can create a Zoom meeting by issuing the meet command, and then you can get the link to join the Zoom meeting.
  2. In your Zoom Client you will be able to find the meeting under the Meetings tab on the Meetings tab in the list of upcoming meetings.


Connect your Adobe Creative Cloud account to Zoom with the disconnect command by following these steps:

How to remove the Adobe Creative Cloud chat app

  1. You can access the Zoom Marketplace by logging into your Zoom account and navigating there.
  2. Type Adobe Creative Cloud in the search bar.
  3. If you are logged in, click Manage then click Added Apps to find the app.
  4. Then, click Remove next to Adobe Creative Cloud.
  5. You will be prompted to confirm the action.

Data Security

  • There are several different types of information that this app has access to on Zoom:
    • A listing of all the channels that a Zoom user has subscribed to under the Zoom account.
    • The user can see the details of existing meetings that are associated with their account.
    • Under the Zoom account, you can view all the information regarding the user.
  • The following permissions are permitted for the Zoom chat app:
    • To send a chat message to a user under the Zoom account in an IM channel or Zoom chat room.
    • The Zoom account holder can create a Zoom meeting on behalf of any member of the Zoom account.
  • Using this app, Adobe Creative Cloud gives this app access to the following information:
    • It allows this app to read information about Creative Cloud files and folders.
    • Data Accessed: All endpoints returned a response
    • Data Displayed: This page contains information about assets and directories
    • Data stored in DB: Tokens of access, tokens of refresh
    • Data send by Adobe to the app: Complete response from the endpoints
    • This chat app has the following scope permissions on Adobe Creative Cloud: READ Access: READ_openID and READ_creative_sdk
  • We have encrypted the communication between this chat app and Zoom/Adobe Creative Cloud in order to protect your privacy:
    • Protocol: TLS 1.2
    • Cipher suite: ECDHE-ECDSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256
    • Key length: 128 bits
    • Perfect Forward secrecy: YES
  • Data is stored locally in the chat app in order to store access credentials:
    • In an encrypted database, Adobe Creative Cloud (Administrator level and User level) and Zoom API credentials (Administrator level and User level) are stored.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zoom integration?

By integrating Workplace by Facebook Zoom Bot, you are able to schedule meetings or start instant meetings. The Workplace integration can be set up in the Zoom Marketplace if you are setting it up for the first time.

What apps I can integrate with Zoom?

You can enhance your video calls with these Zoom apps and extensions!

  • Evernote. Zoom chat channels let users access Evernote from within the note-taking program.

  • Zoom supports Google Drive.

  • Countdown clock, agenda timer, and meeting timer.

  • Polly.

  • #Warmly.

  • Circles.

  • Slack.

  • Gmail.

How many apps does Zoom integrate with?

There are more than 1,500 third-party integrations available in the Zoom App Marketplace, including Zoom Apps.

Does Zoom have group chat?

Whenever you start a chat conversation in a group, you will automatically be able to start a meeting that will be visible for all members in the chat channel. The Zoom mobile app can be accessed by signing in with your Zoom account. Tap on the tab that says Team Chat. There are three types of chat: individual chats, group chats, and channels for chat.

How do you integrate Zoom into a web application?

A Zoom Meeting and Webinar can be embedded into your website using the Web Meeting SDK, allowing you to embed Zoom Meetings and Webinars into your website. In addition to supporting both basic HTML and JavaScript sites, as well as sites built with frontend frameworks such as Angular, React, and Vue, the Web Meeting SDK has two installation methods. There are also others, such as js.

Is Zoom cloud the same as Zoom?

A Zoom Cloud Meeting can also be referred to as a Zoom Meeting. Zoom Meetings are video conferencing meetings held with the help of the Zoom cloud app that uses the Zoom cloud platform. In addition, the fact that the app is based on the cloud is a plus. Essentially, this means that you are able to participate in any meeting from any location, utilizing any device.

How does Zoom chat work?

In the meeting controls, click the Chat button when you are in a meeting. Select the participant you would like to chat directly with in the drop-down menu under the To: section. The chat window is where you can enter your message. Sending a private message is as easy as pressing Enter on the keyboard.

In order to set up a Zoom room, what do I need to do?

Web client

  1. A meeting can be started immediately or on a scheduled basis.

  2. For more information on Breakout Rooms, click here.

  3. If you would like to create a lot of rooms, and you would like to assign your participants to each of those rooms automatically, you will need to first select the number of rooms you would like to create. Each of the rooms can be assigned evenly to your participants.

  4. Then click on the Create button.

Is it better to record Zoom to the cloud or computer?

From your desktop app, you will be able to record to the cloud

In addition to saving local storage space and creating a more accessible file, recording a Zoom meeting in the cloud allows you to share your file with more people. To be clear, recording meetings to the cloud can only be done by paid subscribers. In addition to the video, audio, and screen content that can be recorded locally, cloud recordings also include files shared off the Internet.

Why is my Zoom chat not working?

It is recommended that you check the chat settings of the meeting host. When the chat feature is turned off in a meeting, you will not be able to chat during the meeting. You cannot chat in a meeting if the meeting host’s chat function is turned off, regardless of whether the chat function of the meeting participant is on or off.

Where does Zoom chat get saved?

Your local recording location will be able to save the in-meeting chat that will take place during the meeting. By default, you will find the meeting name, the date, and the time in your Documents folder/ Zoom / Folder.

How do I change chat settings in Zoom meetings?

The Zoom web portal can be accessed by logging into your Zoom account. To change the settings, click the Settings button in the navigation menu. To view the Meetings tab, click on it. You will find two toggles under the In Meeting (Basic) submenu, which you can enable or disable according to your preference.

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