How to record meetings locally and to the cloud in Zoom


Video, audio, and chat in a meeting can be recorded using our local and cloud recording features. The following article addresses common questions and suggests ways to address them.

Cloud recording layouts


What is the reason why my cloud recording is not showing my video when I screen share?

Record thumbnails when sharing video from the cloud by enabling the cloud recording option. Alternatively, if you wish to record videos and share them as separate videos, you can select a video recording layout type.

In sharing the screen recording, the video thumbnail size seems to be too small. Does it mean that I can enlarge it?

A fixed resolution of 224 pixels by 126 pixels is fixed for the thumbnail of the video. There is a possibility that the thumbnail will appear small in comparison with the full resolution screen (for example, 4K resolution).

Can I move the location of the video thumbnail from the top-right corner?

It is taken into account that the video thumbnail position is fixed in the top-right corner of the screen.

The host had pinned a video during the meeting, but why does the cloud recording show active speaker view?

The cloud recording is not affected by pinning a video. By spotlighting a video in the cloud recording, you can only see that particular participant‘s video.

Why is the cloud recording showing active speaker view when the meeting was in gallery view?

For the gallery view to be displayed in the cloud recording, a minimum of two or more attendees must have their video cameras on. It is important to note that the cloud recording will only display the speaker that is currently active in the cloud.

Why is there a green box around the shared screen in the cloud recording?

When the meeting starts, the green box will indicate that the meeting will take place in the shared area. You will see the green border only when you have a two-core computer and opt to optimize for fullscreen video when you record from the cloud.

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Playing cloud recordings


Why is there a video icon before the cloud recording starts playing?

The camera icon used to indicate that the video is loading can also be seen when viewing a cloud recording online. In contrast, when you download the recording from the cloud and view it locally on your computer, this icon will not be present.

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When playing the cloud recording using the share link, this error message shows: “The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.”

The original recording has been deleted or has been thrown away. The owner of the recording can contact the recording’s owners in order to see if the recording can be recovered from the trash dumpster.

Why is the cloud recording showing the wrong timestamp for displays for in-meeting chat messages?

Based on the duration of the meeting, the timestamp is applied to the chat messages. However, the timestamp does not reflect the length of the meeting.

I can’t access or download the cloud recording using the share link. How can I get access?

It is also possible that the recording host does not allow downloads, so if you try to download the recording using a tool to search for a download URL, you will not be able to download it. Get in touch with the hosting company.

The recording URL link is invalid. How can I get access?

The owner of the recording could have thrown the recording away as a result of moving it to the trash. Trash recordings will be removed from the server after 30 days. If the owner of the recording can be contacted, he or she can try to retrieve the recording from the trash bin in order to recover it.

Managing your cloud recordings


Why are my cloud recordings not displaying in the Zoom web portal?

The Zoom client web portal does not allow access to cloud recordings if the Zoom account is enabled for on-premise cloud recording. Zoom admins can help you with this issue.

Why is the download icon disappearing in recording share page?

It is recommended that the width of your browser window be set to at least 1024 pixels. Please set the resolution of your monitor to at least 720p (1280 by 720 pixels) and maximize your browser to view this page in its full resolution.

Are private messages included in cloud recordings?

No, it’s not. While Zoom is recording a session, the public chat messages cannot be heard. If you enable the option to save chats automatically in the web portal, you will be able to save private messages locally.

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There’s bad audio quality in my recordings. How can I improve audio quality?

There are several factors that lead to poor audio quality, the most common of which is CPU overload. The system requirements for Zoom say that you need a 2-core processor and a system that meets the requirements.

Why is there no share option when viewing my cloud recording?

Get in touch with your Zoom administrator. In order to enable the privilege to edit recordings, the Zoom administrator must use role management.

Cloud recording admin


In the active host usage report, what does a blank entry mean for the recording consent column?

As a user who accepts the consent dialog for recording, Zoom only marks one type of Y (yes) as a choice that he or she can make. When there is no entry for the user, then the user has done nothing, and as a result his or her action has been excluded from the recording.

Why is the auto delete date for cloud recordings not being applied to some users?

There can be only one setting that will take effect when a user makes their own cloud recordings auto delete selection. A user’s selection will not take effect when the group selection is made.

How do I control the ability for admins to disable auto delete for users’ cloud recordings?

The owners of accounts have the option of modifying their editing privileges via the role management system so that their privileges can be modified as necessary. In order to be able to edit recordings and keep them in sync with other users, the account’s owner can enable the privilege of editing recordings, which includes the ability to deactivate the auto-delete feature for the associated users. In my experience, there isn’t a option to specifically disable the automatic deletion setting that I’m aware of in the software.

How do I change the storage location for recordings?

If you are an account administrator or owner, you can change the location where Communications Contents, such as recordings of cloud sessions, are being stored. Individual recordings in the cloud can also be moved between storage locations.

Local recording


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Why is auto local recording not working on the mobile app?

The desktop client is the only client that supports local recording. The mobile client does not support local recording.

How do I prevent my local recording file from getting damaged?

Do not use external storage or a networked storage system for local recordings; for example, a network-attached storage system or an external hard drive. This can lead to data loss if you use these methods of storage.

Why are there large variations in the sizes of my recording files? For example, some are under 1GB while others are several GBs ?

In addition to resolution, recording duration, and shared content within recordings are some of the factors which affect the file size of recordings. As a consequence, you may notice differences in the size of recorded files.

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