Manage participants in a zoom meeting webinar

This post was most recently updated on July 28th, 2022

Call the people who attend the meeting as follows

Alternate host

host Who scheduled the meeting
The user to whom the host has given control, such as when the host can not join
Participant (Attendant) Users who attend Zoom meetings hosted by other users

Participant management can be done from the toolbar.

Mute / Unmute and Audio Settings

  1. Click Manage Participant to display the Participant List.
  2. Click the microphone mark of the participant you want to mute the microphone .


often don’t notice that the microphone is picking up noise when the participant’s microphone is on .
The host is kind to turn off the participant’s microphone.

When a participant

types during a meeting, the microphone may pick up the typing sound.
You can mute the microphone to make it easier for other participants to hear what the speakers say. You can mute the microphone by clicking

[ Mute ].

Video start / stop and video settings

  1. Click Manage Participant to display the Participant List.
  2. [Participants start / stop of the video when you click the button, you can turn on / off the participant’s camera.
    However, if the participant does not have video turned on, you can not force the camera on.

Invite other participants

Invitation + When you click the button, you can invite other participants to the meeting.

You can invite in the way of invitation

Invitation by e-mail ]: The e-mail application you choose is open, you will see a copy of the meeting invitationInvite by IM
Invites a user from the directory (contacts) list.
Invoke Zoom Rooms ]: Invites the Zoom Rooms listed in your account.
Invite phone ]: You can use if the host has enabled this option.
Invitation of Room Systems ]: host, you can use if you have enabled the cloud recording connector for this meeting.

Participant reaction

Click Manage Participant to see who is currently in the meeting.
The list of participants has options for representing reactions and statuses, and for changing the name.

eaction list

From the left

  • Yes (check mark)
  • No (cross mark)
  • Go slowly
  • Go fast
  • Dislike (bad mark)
  • Like (like mark)
  • Applause (mark of applause)
  • Need a break (coffee mark)
  • Absent (clock mark)
  • Erase all (eraser mark)

Screen sharing

If the host allows, you can share the screen with the meeting.
(By default, anyone can share the screen.

The host can stop participant screen sharing.


You can chat with individuals or everyone in the meeting.

You can change the destination and have everyone in the meeting or have a private chat.

Click [Details] to save.


To record a meeting, you will need permission from the host. If you click this before obtaining permission from the host, the following message will be displayed.

Give permission for recording

  1. For hosts, click Manage Participant.
  2. Click [ Details ] of the participant you want to give permission for recording .
  3. Click Allow Recording .

Choose a video layout

At the top right of the Zoom window, you can switch between active speaker view and gallery view . During screen sharing, you can also switch between the sharing screen and the video by clicking the button at this location.

Start / stop full screen

If you want full screen display,

Click [ Start Full Screen Display ] at the top right of Zoom .

If you want to stop full screen display,

Click Exit Full Screen on the top right of Zoom .

Pin the video

The selected user can be the main speaker. By default, the active speaker video is displayed.

To pin

Right-click the video of the person you want to pin.

Or you can double click on the video window to pin the video.

Annotate with screen sharing

If the host allows, you can annotate the shared screen or shared whiteboard.

How to annotate

Click Show Options at the top of the screen and select Add Comment .

Leave the meeting

You can leave a meeting at any time by clicking Leave Meeting at the bottom right of the Zoom window .