(New Update or Feature) Mac and Windows client beta in Zoom

What’s New

Thank you for your interest in the Mac and Windows client beta. Information on the new features of the beta can be found below. For more information on signing up for Zoom’s beta program, visit the Zoom Beta Program.

New Update or feature in Home of Zoom

  • Beautiful appearance
  • Full horizontal view
  • With the next meeting notice
  • New meeting personal meeting ID
  • Customizable home screen
  • Search function
  • Integration of personal settings and logout
  • Upgrade to Professional

New Update or feature in zoom Chat

  • 1 window view
  • Switch to portrait or landscape orientation in settings
  • Starred (Contacts, Channels, Messages)
  • Opened a personal space called My Note
  • Unread messages are sorted on top option
  • Display channel (formerly “group” function) notifications and unread counts
  • You can change the tint setting of the sidebar
  • Start meeting button in the text entry box

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New Update or feature in Zoom Meeting

  • Expand the view of upcoming meetings
  • Add Calendar Integration
  • Update the meeting schedule format
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New Update or feature Directory (formerly “Contacts” feature)

  • Improved sorting of contacts
  • List of user channels
  • Detailed view of contact information

Frequently Asked Questions

This new desktop application by Zoom has a modern look and feel with a single window that houses meeting details at your fingertips. The Home tab holds everything you need to know about your meetings. The new Phone tab becomes available when you subscribe to Zoom Phone, Zoom’s new cloud-based phone solution.

We recommend upgrading to the latest Zoom desktop client and mobile app to receive the best video and audio experience. Zoom regularly releases new versions to release new features and fix bugs.
You can get access to the latest beta app for Mac and Windows by creating a beta testing account below if you have a paid Zoom account (Pro and above). Your profile will be processed and placed in a queue for Beta access. An email with instructions for downloading will be sent to you when it’s your turn.
It is required that all devices (Mac, Windows, and Android) running Zoom Rooms software (such as Zoom Room controllers and Scheduling Displays) be updated by November 5, 2022.
Alternatively, you can join this webinar by updating your Zoom app or joining through your browser. Users should be able to update their apps themselves, without contacting IT. Zoom messages regarding contacting IT cannot be customized with U-M instructions, as they are standard messages.
How to Update Zoom for Mac
  1. The Zoom app can be found in the Mac App Store.
  2. Go to the Menu Bar and click Zoom.us.
  3. You can check for updates by clicking Check for Updates…
  4. When the Zoom app checks the servers for updates, it will notify you.
  5. You can install an update by following the on-screen instructions.
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