Testing device audio in zoom App

It is possible to test your microphone and speakers using an automated service provided by Zoom Phone. Zoom desktop clients, mobile apps, and provisioned desk phones are compatible with the testing service.


  • A provisioned desk phone, a desktop client, or a mobile app for Zoom

Desktop client, mobile app, or desk phone

Playbacking recorded audio will allow you to test your speakers and microphone.

  1. Login to the Zoom desktop or mobile app, then click or tap Phone if you are using a client on your desktop or mobile device.
  2. You can also call *8378.
  3. Press the microphone to speak. The audio will automatically be played back on the Zoom Phone.
    It is possible that there is an issue with your connection, your audio device, or your desk phone. If no audio is played back, it can be caused by these issues.

Check out the list of other DTMF codes to find out more.

Polycom phones

There are additional built-in audio diagnostics that you can use if you are experiencing audio issues on a Polycom phone that is provisioned. In order to find out more, please visit the manufacturer’s support website.

  1. You will be directed to a tool that allows you to diagnose your audio system.
    • VVX series: Please navigate to Home > Settings > Status > Diagnostics > Test Hardware > Audio Diagnostics.
    • SoundPoint IP series: From the menu, select Status > Diagnostics > Test Hardware > Audio Diagnostics.
  2. Record the audio on your handset by tapping on the Record button. If you are using a headset, your voice will be recorded.
  3. Tap the Stop button to stop the recording or wait for it to finish.
  4. The recording can be played back by tapping Play. There may be a problem with your desk phone or connection if you don’t hear the audio.
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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I test my headphones for zoom?

If I want to join a Zoom session or test the sound on my computer, how do I do it?

  1. In order to open the Audio options, click on the arrow next to the Mute icon on the toolbar.

  2. Make sure that you select the Test Speaker and Microphone option.

  3. Test the speaker and microphone by following the prompts (either externally or via a headset) during the test.

Can I test zoom by myself?

You can also test your audio or video while you are in a Zoom meeting if you have no time before joining a meeting before joining. Those of you who are using the Zoom mobile app may join a test meeting at http://zoom.us/test by following the instructions on the screen. Once you join the meeting, you may test your video or audio.

Why is my zoom audio not working?

You should make sure that all audio devices, such as the microphone, speakers, and headphones, are plugged in with no mutes on. Plug the device back into the wall when you are finished unplugging it. Assuming it is a Bluetooth device, be sure to turn it on and ensure that it is properly connected to the computer. You need to make sure that the USB device you are using for Zoom is supported.

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Can I test my Zoom audio without being in a meeting?

Before joining a meeting, make sure that your audio is working properly

You will be asked to test your speakers in the pop-up window when the meeting starts. You can switch between the speakers of your phone if you don’t hear the ringtone by using the drop-down menu or clicking the No button until you listen to the ringtone

How do I change my audio settings in zoom?

Here are the steps you need to take in order to enable Zoom audio conferencing

  1. Go to the Zoom web portal and sign in.

  2. If you select Account Management in the navigation panel, then Account Settings will appear on the screen.

  3. The Meeting tab can be found by clicking the link.

  4. Clicking on the audio option will enable you to use the types of audio that you want to use. …

  5. Please click on the Save button to save the changes.

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