Zoom Account Management – Settings, and control performed by accounts and users

my account
My Account

Enabling your child’s institutional status
Integrate Office 365 calendars with SSO credentials
What is the expiration date of the URL sent when I change my Zoom sign-in email address?
Profile customization
How to assign a large meeting license to a user
How do I change my account email address?
Introduction to Breakout Room
Why is my email account @ gtempaccount.com?
Use of host key
Password help and prerequisites
Sign out of the Zoom client to switch accounts
How to link accounts
Can I log in without Google or Facebook?
Login with google
Start a personal audio conference
Beta for Mac and Windows clients
If you forget your password
If you have an employee who has already purchased a paid license individually



Network and firewall
Network and Firewall

Group messaging network firewall
CRC network firewall settings
Wireless (WiFi) connection issues
[Administrator] QoS DSCP marking
McAfee Desktop Firewall settings
How much bandwidth do I need when using 3G, 4G / LTE, 5G?
About data that may spike
Availability in the event of a disaster



Management by administrator
Admin Management

Manage storage locations for communication content such as cloud records
The account creation date differs between the Zoom user list and CSV. What’s the difference?
Can I take over meeting reservations and cloud recordings when I invite users from another account?
Use hierarchical settings
Change account settings
Bulk update users using CSV
Please tell me about the impact on users due to the setting of related domains.
I don’t want users to use the old Zoom app. Can I force a client update?
Account-level settings for calendar and contact integration
The administrator cannot change the password. Why?
How to make your user account appear in your Zoom Rooms contacts
When adding a user, the “Account Switch” screen is displayed and cannot be activated. What should I do?
Is there a way to prevent the creation of a Zoom account without company approval?
Select a data center region for the meeting or webinar you want to host
[Administrator] I want to limit the chat function.
[Administrator] I want to limit the file transmission function.
Configure Zoom on iOS with MDM
Add an existing Pro user to your business account
[Administrator] Role-based access control
[Manager] IM management
[Administrator] Group management
Conference call dial-in country update
[Administrator] License allocation
Transfer meetings, webins, cloud recordings
[Administrator] Enable the default global dial-in country in branding
[Administrator] Scheduling of tracking field
Specifying the default dial-in country
[Administrator] Delete the user from the account
[Administrator] Change the user’s password
[Administrator] Import users via CSV file

[Administrator] How to add users at once
Group HD
[Administrator] Is it possible to record every time a meeting is held?
[Administrator] Related domain
[Administrator] User management
[Owner] Change account owner
[Administrator] How to efficiently register the created account as a contact
When the number of active users suddenly increases during the Active waiting room , the screen will change to the following screen. Please wait until the Host License contract
[Administrator] Regarding account usage restrictions and service content restrictions due to employee classification




[Owner] I want to know the password change history of users in the account
Introduction to reports
[Owner] I want to check the operation log
[Owner] Use the operation log
Please tell me the packet loss value that interferes with the meeting.
[Administrator] Dashboard
[Administrator] How to check the usage status of users
[Administrator] Meeting report
[Administrator] Daily, active host, and inactive host reports
[Administrator] How long is the retention period of reporting data?
[Administrator] Premium Audio Report
[Administrator] Cloud record report
Is it possible to report future plans?



Change account security settings
Advanced security settings
[Administrator] How to force the user’s meeting password to be set
[Administrator] Audio watermark (audio watermark)
[Administrator] Audio watermark
Impact of DoS Vulnerability on Zoom on Mac Devices (July 2019)
Security: Logjam update
Security: CVE-2018-15715 (October 2018)
Security: Bash update
Security: SAML vulnerability
Security: Heartbleed update
Confirmation items regarding the handling of personal information
[Administrator] About support for Zoom application “MDM distribution”
About “customer information” provided to Zoom when applying for the service
[Administrator] Processing for existing users when linking with SSO
[Administrator] How to manually delete a retired account from the administrator screen
Security of communication paths on the cloud (SIP over TLS, SRTP, AES, etc.)