What is On-Demand Zoom Webinar and to schedule it?

About On Demand Webinars

It is a webinar where you can watch the webinar when the viewer wants to watch it.

What you can do with an on demand webinar

  • You can schedule a registration webinar.
  • Webinars can be automatically recorded in the cloud.
  • You can register after the webinar.


  • Have a webinar license (have a paid license)
  • Automatic recording is enabled
  • Holding a scheduled and scheduled webinar
  • A single webinar will be held

How to schedule an on-demand webinar

  • Log in to the Zoom portal and access My Webinar.
  • [ To schedule a webinar to create a new webinar from].
  • In the webinar option, check [ Make webinar on demand ].
  • If you check this, [ Automatically record webinar ] will also be checked automatically.

Note: Unchecking the option for automatic recording also unchecks the on-demand option.

  • To schedule a new webinar, visit My Webinar and click Schedule Webinar.
  • Check the registration and click[ Schedule ].
  • When setting on demand
  • The webinar description and webinar list will display a video icon indicating that the webinar is on-demand.

When hosting an on-demand webinar

When you start the webinar, cloud recording will start automatically.

You do not have to take any special steps as a host.

Register and participate in on-demand webinars

For users who registered before the start of the webinar

A link will be sent to join the webinar.


For users who registered while the webinar is in progress

The link is sent so that you can join the ongoing webinar.

Users who click on demand URL

The message “The webinar has ended. Register to view this record on demand” is displayed.

Below the date, time, and time information of the time the webinar was held there is a registration screen.
Once registered, you can watch on-demand webinars.

View on-demand webinar reports

Webinar Recording allows you to view reports of subscribers and attendees to the webinar.

Access My Recordings to see who has registered to watch webinar recordings .

  • Log in to the Zoom web portal and navigate to My Recordings .
  • Click on the webinar agenda.

  • Click [ Display registrant ].

  • The registrant’s information is displayed in three tabs: Pending Approval, Approved, and Rejected.

  • Approval of the pending ]: Check the user next to the check box that you want to approve.
    Click [ Approve ].
    Check the checkbox next to the user you want to reject. Click Reject .
  • Approved ]: Lists the users who can view the recording.

Edit registration settings

  • Log in to the Zoom web portal and navigate to My Recordings .
  • Click on the webinar agenda.

  • Click [ Registration Settings ].


  • The on-demand configuration opens.

  • Approve ]: After registering, the registrant will automatically make it possible to view the recording, or after manually approving it, the registrant will receive an email after the registration is approved and then view the recording Select
  • Notice ]: Check if you want to be notified by email when someone subscribes to view your recording.
  • Other Options ]: Check to display social sharing button on the record registration page. You can share to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  • Question ]: By clicking on the Question tab, you can adjust the required fields from the question items already prepared.
  • Custom of the question ]: viewers, add the custom of questions you must answer when registering the viewing of the video recording.
  • After completing the settings , click Save All .