Register a user (import as a CSV file) in Zoom App

By uploading a CSV file, you can add multiple users at one time.

Before creating a CSV file

  • Anyone who has owner authority or administrator authority can upload
  • Determine the user type (free, professional, enterprise license) of the user to upload, and prepare a file for each type of license
  • Please refer to attached Excel file for the format of CSV format.
    Column names will be described in English half size from the following column A: email, first_name, last_name, department, user group, IM_group
    and department, user group, and IM_group are optional items.
  • Up to 9999 user records can be uploaded at one time.
  • After uploading, it will be displayed on the Pending tab until the user activates the account.

(1) Creation of CSV file created by Excel

  1. Open Microsoft Excel.
  2. Enter user data in the following format:
    CSV format: email, first_name, last_name, department, user group, IM group

* Enter one item for each column from column A.

  1. Click [ File ] and save as a CSV file with a name. At this time, save with character code [UTF-8]. Please close the file.

Perform the next procedure ” (2) Upload CSV file to Zoom”.

※ If uploading is not successful for the file created above, please change the character code again according to the following steps 4 to 6.

  1. The saved file, right-click, click Open from the program],[Notepadand select to open the file.
  2. [ File ] and click, [ the Save As ]and click.
  3. Select the character code [UTF-8][Save]and close the file.


 (2) Upload the CSV file to Zoom

  1. Log in to
  2. Click the Users tab, [ the import ] and click.
  3. Uploading starts when you select a CSV file to upload.
  4. If an upload is successful, user data will be displayed on [ Hold tab ].

Users should click [ Sign in to Zoom ] in the activation email to activate their account.  Activated users migrate from Pending to the Users tab.

For more information, Import Users Via CSV File Please refer to.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I import a CSV file into Zoom?

Zoom can be accessed by uploading the CSV file

  1. Zoom’s web portal can be accessed by signing in.

  2. You can access User Management by clicking on the User Management link in the navigation menu.

  3. Click on the Users tab at the top of the page.

  4. The Import button can be found on the right hand side of the screen. …

  5. Select the type of user in the CSV file that you would like to apply the same features to and then choose the features you want to apply.

  6. The CSV file will be uploaded when you click the Upload button.


What is a CSV in Zoom?

During the Zoom class meeting, you will be able to set up the meeting in advance, as well as assign each student to a breakout room in advance, which is an option you will be able to choose when planning for the Zoom class meeting. The students can either be assigned to the rooms manually, or you can upload a CSV file that contains the students’ names and their room numbers in a specified format to be able to add them manually.

Can you bulk register on Zoom?

It is possible to upload a CSV file that will allow you to add multiple users simultaneously by uploading the CSV file at the same time.

How do I import my contact list to Zoom?

The Zoom app can be accessed by signing in with your Zoom account. Choose Contacts from the drop-down menu.
The email address should be entered one at a time.

  1. Add a new contact by clicking the Add Contact button.

  2. You can repeat this step in order to add as many contacts as you like.

  3. If you click Copy Invitation and then click on Email Invitation, you will be able to send the invitation to numerous contacts at once.


What is import meeting in Zoom?

You will be able to import prior meetings you have scheduled using your Zoom account into your Canvas course if you have previously scheduled meetings using Zoom. The upcoming meetings tab and the calendar will appear as soon as the meeting has been imported in the Upcoming Meetings tab. In order for meetings to be associated with a particular course, they must be associated with that specific course.

How do I register for Zoom?

Here is how you can enable meeting registration for your event

  1. To access Zoom’s website, you need to sign in.

  2. Go to the Meetings section of the navigation menu.

  3. Whether you are scheduling a meeting or editing an existing one, simply click the appropriate button.

  4. As part of the registration process, please be sure to check the box that states Required in the Registration section of the registration form.

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