Linking accounts to an organization in Zoom App

Administrators and owners of Zoom accounts have the ability to join multiple accounts together to create an organization. In addition to being able to search contacts, chat, organize meetings, and make phone calls (if Zoom Phone is available), these accounts once linked as an organization will also be able to search contacts. You will be able to avoid the hassle of members of the organization adding contacts manually from linked accounts in order to be able to communicate with each other if your accounts are linked.

There can only be one organization associated with each Zoom account. It will not be possible to accept an invitation from a Zoom account which is already a member of another organization, or even if that account is just joining your organization for the first time.

The account who created the organization is considered its owner, and can only delete the organization if it is owned by the account who created it. There is the possibility that accounts connected to the organization can invite other accounts, but only the organization owner is able to approve such invitations.

Linking an account to an organization requires a few prerequisites

  • A user with the authority to edit the settings for the Account Profile must be the account owner or an administrator.

Creating a new organization

  1. Register on Zoom’s web portal by entering your email address and password.
  2. On the Account Management page, click Account Profile and then click Create Account.
  3. On the Account Management page, click Link accounts to an organization and then click Create new organization.
  4. In the Create New Organization window, the user should enter the name of their organization and the email address of the account owner of the account they are adding to their organization or an admin with editing privileges for the account they are adding to their organization.
  5. Finally, the user should click Create.
  6. Click the Continue button if needed.

    • A new email invitation to join your organization will now be sent to the account owner or admin who was invited. Listed will be the users who have been approved to join your organization once the account owner or admin has approved the request.
    • Whether or not the account holder has received your email invitation, you can click Resend Invitation.
    • Should you wish to delete your email invitation, you can click Delete.

 managing linked accounts as the owner

  1. The Zoom web portal can be accessed by logging into it.
  2. After logging in, click the Account Management link and then Account Profile to access the Zoom web portal.
  3. It is possible to view the pending invitations and linked accounts by clicking the Connect accounts to an organization tab. Additionally, you are able to:
      • Invite Accounts:To invite additional accounts, simply click the Invite Account button.
      • Resend Request: The account owner or admin can resend a pending request if they haven’t received it, by clicking the Resend Request button.
      • Unlink: When you have finished linking an account to an organization, you can unlink it.
      • Rename: The name of your organization will appear to the right. Click the name   to rename your organization.
    • Delete:Click on the Delete icon to the right of your organization name. This will allow you   to delete your organization.

 linking to an existing organization

  1. Log in to the Zoom web portal using your email address and password.
  2. Next, click on the Account Management tab, then click on the Account Profile tab.
  3. In the organization link section, click the link that says, Link to existing organization.
  4. Enter the email address of the organization owner in the link to an existing organization pop-up box, then click Send Link Request at the bottom.

    • When your request has been approved, the pending request will be listed and will be updated accordingly.
    • You can click Resend Invitation if you haven’t received an email response from the account holder.
    • Please click Delete if you would like to remove your request.