Enable or disable toll call dial-in numbers in Zoom App

Zoom provides its users with the option to call into meetings through toll numbers listed in the Zoom client as well as through email invitations if Toll Call is enabled. Participants won’t be able to use the telephone dial-in option in meetings if this setting is disabled, regardless of the fact that the Audio type meeting setting is set to “Telephone.”.

In case you are an admin, you can specify global dial-in countries/regions to determine which for your meetings it is appropriate to use as a default dial-in country/region.

There are certain requirements for enabling or disabling toll call dial-in numbers

  • There are three types of accounts: Pro, Business, and Enterprise
  • Participants must be able to dial-in with a toll number only if the meeting host is licensed.
  • Admins or account owners are assigned the privilege of enabling or disabling toll call dial-in numbers
  • There will only be a list of selected dial-in numbers available for the user to view and add to the meeting invitation.

Dialing-in numbers for toll calls can be enabled or disabled


To enable Toll Call for all users in the account, follow these steps:

  1. As an administrator, you will be able to edit the account settings when you sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. To access the account settings, select Account Management in the navigation panel.
  3. Click on Audio Conferencing from the tabs on the left side.
  4. To enable or disable Toll Call, click the toggle on the left side.
  5. After clicking Enable in the confirmation window, you will be asked whether to enable it or disable it in a confirmation box.
  6. Simply click on the pencil icon.
  7. Please choose the desired toll numbers for each country or region from the pop-up window in the Select Toll Numbers window.
  8. There is a column in the table that displays the address of the data center that the telephone calls will be routed through to reach the numbers that are displayed. In order to prevent the display of the phone numbers in these regions on the Zoom client, ensure that the associated regions of the data centers are selected.
  9. Click Save.
  10. (Optional) If you want to prevent all other users in your account from changing this setting, click the lock icon first, and then click Lock to confirm the change.



After August 21, 2021, the Group Management page will be renamed to Groups if you create a Zoom account after that date; or if the New Admin Experience is enabled on your account.

For a group of users to be able to use Toll Call:

  1. If you are an administrator with the permissions to edit groups, sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. Click User Management and then click Group Management in the navigation panel.
  3. Select the name of the appropriate group from the list, then click the Audio Conferencing tab.
  4. To enable or disable the Toll Call, simply click the toggle.
  5. The change will be verified if a verification dialog appears. If the change is verified, then click Enable or Disable.
  6.  There is a possibility that the option has been disabled at either the account or group level if it is grayed out.
  7. Please click the pencil icon.
  8. Select the desired toll numbers for the country or region you would like to use in the Pop-up window called Select Toll Numbers.
  9. This column displays the associated data center that calls made to the numbers will be routed through in the event of a drop. You also need to ensure that the associated data center regions are selected so that the phone numbers associated with these data centers will not display in the Zoom client.
  10. Then click Save.
  11. It is optional for you to make this setting mandatory for all users in a group by clicking the lock icon, and then clicking Lock to confirm that the setting should be mandatory for all members of the group.



This setting can only be viewed by users. In order to change this setting, please contact your system administrator.

  1. Log in to the Zoom web portal by signing up for an account.
  2. Once you have signed in, you will see a link called Settings on the navigation panel.
  3. Please click on the tab Audio Conferencing.
  4. For a list of all the phone numbers that are included in the meeting email invitation and Zoom client, click See all numbers.

How to use toll call dial-in numbers

  1. Make an appointment or use the Personal Meeting ID to schedule a meeting.
  2. When editing the meeting, in the Audio section, click Edit next to the Dial from field.
  3. Please check the countries you would like to include in the meeting invitation so that participants can dial from their respective countries. The default setting of your meeting settings is to include your Global Dial-In Countries as well.
  4. Here are the steps to follow if you wish to include toll numbers for countries from which you often invite your attendees.