What is POC for Zoom meetings guidelines

We are delighted that you have joined us in this journey towards happier meetings.

This guide will take you on a tour of the steps that you need to take in order to properly set up Zoom in your environment, so that you can conduct a successful Proof of Concept.

How to establish success criteria

If you would like to get the most out of this project, you may want to take some time to consider what are the objectives for this project.

As part of the POC, it would be helpful if you wrote down these criteria and also made sure they were reviewed to make sure everything you hoped for had been accomplished.

Network configuration and client installation

For your first POC, you will need to follow a few simple steps.

  1. These requirements for the system and the network need to be met.
  2. For Windows and Mac, download the desktop client.

Note: Anyone participating in this evaluation will benefit greatly from installing the Zoom Client on their computer so that they can have the best experience possible. The Zoom meeting software also offers a web client that can be used to connect to a Zoom meeting without installing the desktop client. The Zoom web client offers an easy-to-use set of features that can also be used to connect to a Zoom meeting. Please have a look at this client comparison, as each version provides different features, so you will be able to determine what may work better for you.

Preliminary admin tasks

This section will leverage the Zoom Admin portal, so sign in using the credentials you have selected your Zoom Account Executive converted into a Trial for you.

  1. Make sure that you understand the three main types of users: the Owner, the Admin and the Member.
  2. You will need to invite users at this point.

    Note: User accounts that have not been activated yet will be viewed as pending until the user accepts it and activates their accounts. During the enrollment process, you will receive an email from no-reply@zoom.us inviting them to enter the Zoom Room. You may have to set your email service to allow emails from Zoom for problems to occur. If the email invite doesn’t arrive in their inbox for 1-2 minutes, they may need to set their email service to accept emails from Zoom.  To learn more about getting started with Zoom, please visit the Zoom Getting Started Guide for new users.

  1. You will need to ensure that every user you wish to have access to the POC environment has been assigned the correct User Role. You can always make changes to users’ roles if they are not correct.
  2. As an alternative, you can batch-import users using a .csv file or set up just-in-time (JIT) provisioning with the SSO setup described in the Advanced Admin Tasks section if you need more users.

Having completed the basic setup of your POC, you can now proceed to the more advanced setup. You should now be able to set up Zoom Meetings on the web portal and start scheduling them if you have administrator access already. Here is a brief video that you may find useful.

Advanced admin tasks

We have a few more configuration suggestions for you, just to take things to the next level.

Associated Domains

You can configure Associated Domains in order to determine if Zoom is already being used in your organization, and to bring these users into the Zoom account you are creating now. By mapping your company domain here, you will be able to have all existing users merged into this Zoom account within a few simple steps.

Vanity URL

This will also provide you with a fully customisable landing page for all things Zoom such as your company’s logo, name, as well as access to account branding features. To enable company branding, you will need to activate the Vanity URL.

Note: You will also have to perform this step if you are planning on configuring SSO in the future.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

You will need to set up Single Sign-On (SSO) if you expect your users to be able to sign in with the same credentials as when accessing any other tool on your company network. For the most widely deployed solutions, we provide step-by-step instructions with step-by-step support for any SAML 2.0 enabled identity provider.

Note: A Vanity URL must be approved by SSO before it can be used, as mentioned above.

Who to contact?

For now, this should be sufficient to get you started, but if for any reason you need more assistance during your POC, please do not hesitate to contact your Zoom Account Executive.

Additionally, our Support site contains a number of additional articles, describing many other Zoom features as well as configuration options.