Zoom Webinar Introduction

What you can do with the Zoom webinar

  • Up to 10,000 viewers can attend
  • You can broadcast a webinar on Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • Hosts and panelists can share their screen, video and audio in a webinar.
  • Attendees can interact with hosts and panelists using chat or Q & A options.
  • The webinar requires pre-registration, and the host has the option to add custom registration questions.
  • You can disable attendee registration simply by clicking on the link during the webinar.
  • Webinars can be held regularly.

Before starting the webinar

How many people can participate?

  • You need to purchase
    a webinar plan that can be attended by 100, 500, 1000, 3000, 5000 or 10000 people Max

What license do I need for a host?



  • type Pro or more hosts



Can Zoom Rooms and CRC (H.323 and SIP) devices join the webinar?

Webinar Registration

Do you need a schedule in advance before the event?

  • You need to schedule a webinar in advance.
  • You can schedule webinars from My Webinars .

Can I set up pre-registration for participants?

  • I can do it. When creating a webinar, check [Register].

Can I approve the participants who registered in advance?

  • The host can approve all registrants.
  • The method of approval can be “automatic approval” and “manual approval”.

Can the host disable registration of webinar participants?

About registration approval

There are two approval methods for webinars that require registration.

    1. Manual approvalThe webinar host manually approves or rejects the registrant’s approval.
      If the registrant is approved, an email will be sent with details on how to join the webinar.
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the webinar.

For webinars that require registration, there is a registration customization with a webinar report that includes custom fields  .

Schedule a webinar

About panelists and attendees

  • With panelist
    Participate in a full meeting.
    You can view and send videos, screen sharing, annotations, etc.
    The webinar can be attended by 100 panelists (including the host).
    />Panelists will receive a separate invitation by email from the webinar attendees.
    How to invite panelists.
  • With attendees
    Join in the form of browsing only.
    The host unmutes the attendee.
    You can interact with hosts and panelists via Q & A and chat.

How do I invite attendees?

    • Copy the registered URL and share it on email, your own website, etc.



it to the attendees.

  • E-mail your invitation and select], received the Zoom invitation, to transfer it to the attendees.

Start a webinar

There are several ways to start a webinar.

  • From WEBNavigate to the Webinars tab, search for webinars and click Start .

From Zoom Client

Click the Meetings tab.
Search for the webinar and click Start .

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If you have added a webinar to your calendar

Click the link that appears in the calendar reminder.
Make sure you are logged in to your Zoom account before clicking on the link.