Live Streaming Zoom Webinars on a Custom Platform

If configured with an administrator account, webinars can be delivered live streaming on a custom platform. If you do this before the webinar starts, you can start streaming with a single click after the webinar starts.

This page explains the following items.

  • Enable Custom Live Streaming as Administrator
  • Set up custom live streaming before the webinar starts
  • Start live streaming during the webinar

Prerequisites of Zoom App

  • Windows or Mac version 4.0.x Zoom client
  • Hosts with assigned Pro and Webinar licenses

Enable Custom Live Streaming as Administrator

To allow users to live stream webinars to your custom platform with your account:

  1. Sign in to Zoom and go to ” Webinar Settings.
  2. Click ” Edit ” in “In the webinar setting “.

Enable the Custom Live Streaming Service option.

  1. Update the procedure so that the webinar organizer can make the settings needed to schedule the webinar.
  2. Click Save Changes.

Set up custom live streaming before the webinar starts

To enable webinars for live streaming delivery on a custom platform:

  • Sign in to Zoom and go to the webinar tab.
  • Click Schedule Webinar to update the required preferences.
  • Click Schedule to display the tab for specifying advanced options.

  • Click the Live Streaming tab and click the Live Streaming Settings link.

  • Follow the green box instructions provided by your administrator.

  • If you do not have enough information in the procedure, please contact your administrator.
  • Click Save to save your live streaming settings.
  • Meeting hosts can stream this webinar live without the need to add these settings after the webinar starts.

Start live streaming during the webinar

To stream a webinar lives on a custom platform:

  • Do one of the following to start the webinar as usual:
  • From Calendar-If you have added a webinar to your calendar,
    Click the link displayed in the calendar reminder.
  • From the Zoom website-Sign in to Zoom, search for a webinar on the My Webinars tab, and click Start .
  • Click the Host Management Details button.
  • Select [Live in Custom Live Streaming Service].

  • If the organizer has configured this webinar for live custom streaming, abrowser window will open showing the progress of the webinar live streaming preparation at Zoom.

If the organizer did not configure this webinar for live custom streaming, you will need to enter values ​​in the middle of the procedure.


Click Save to save your live streaming settings.
The host will

be able to live stream this meeting without needing to add these settings after the meeting begins.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Even though Zoom is a simple app, it is a great app for video and voice calling, but it can also be used for live streaming as well. The Zoom application allows you to broadcast your content on a variety of streaming platforms, including Facebook Live or YouTube Live. If you use a third-party tool like Restream, you are able to live stream to all of these platforms simultaneously using one setup.
You can embed Zoom Meetings and Webinars into your website using the Web Meeting SDK, the Zoom SDK can be installed using either one or two different methods, depending on whether your website is a basic HTML / JavaScript website or one that uses a frontend framework like Angular, React, or Vue.
There is no free version of Zoom Webinar available. Due to the fact that Zoom Webinar is not a separate entity, the user will need to have a Pro account (or better) in order to use it. You are right, even if you buy the Zoom Webinar add-on, you will not be able to conduct a webinar as a free user on Zoom.
The overview. If you are planning to hold more interactive meetings in which you want to have the audience participate to some extent or break your session up into smaller groups, Zoom Meetings are ideal for you. A Zoom Webinar can be thought of as a virtual lecture hall or auditorium, with the speaker seated in the middle. It is ideal for events that are open to the general public or for events that have large audiences to participate in a webinar.
On the desktop client, users can join multiple meetings at the same time, but they are not able to do that by default, even though they can have two meetings open at once. Notes: It is not possible for you to host more than one webinar at a time. There is no way that you can hold a meeting and a webinar at the same time.
The Waiting Room feature is not available for webinars. As an alternative to a live webinar, you may want to participate in a practice webinar. When Zoom phone calls are elevated to a meeting and instant meetings are enabled, the Waiting Room is disabled by default. Adding a waiting room to a meeting can only be done within the In-Meeting Controls by choosing the Security option
The number of licensed users you can have on your account with the purchase of 5 Zoom licenses is five. The number of Licensed (paid) users you can add to your Zoom account in addition to the amount of Basic (free) users you can add is 9999.
How to admit participants during a Zoom Rooms meeting
  1. Tap the Participants button if you are the meeting host.
  2. To invite a participant to the meeting, you need to tap the button that says Admit.

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