Zoom Rooms check-in/check-out function

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ZoomRooms has check-in / check-out capabilities that maximize room utilization.

When this option is turned on, the user must either start a reserved Zoom meeting or check in to keep the room reserved.

If you do not check-in within the certain time set by the administrator, the room reservation will be canceled and made available to other users.

If you perform the following Zoom Rooms operations, it is considered that you have checked in, so you do not need to check-in separately.

  • Start of a reserved meeting
  • Start an instant meeting
  • Start screen sharing
  • Making a call to the phone

If the meeting ends earlier than planned, you can check out to make the rest of your time available to others.



Zoom Rooms application

  • Windows: 5.1.0 (2745.0802) or later
  • Mac 5.1.0 (2745.0802) or later
  • Chrome OS: 3.6.7 (3675.0710) or later
    Note: Chrome OS currently only supports the check-in function.

ZoomRooms controller

  • iOS: 5.1.0 (2745.0802) or later
  • Android: 5.1.0 (2745.0802) or later
  • Windows: 5.1.0 (2745.0802) or later

Enable check-in function

To enable the check-in / check-out feature for all Zoom Rooms in your tenant, follow these steps: After enabling this feature, you can also automatically remove Zoom Rooms reservations from your appointments for appointments that have failed to check in a specified number of times.

  1. Administrator signs in to Zoom Web Portal
  2. Open Room Management > Zoom Rooms.
  3. [Account Settings] in [check-in and check-out of the room] Enable.
    • Allow participants to check-in XX minutes before the start time: Set how many minutes before the scheduled start you will be able to check-in.
    • Open room XX minutes after no check-in or Zoom Room activity: Set whether to unbook the room if you do not check-in within minutes of the scheduled start time.
      1. (Optional) You can additionally select whether to enable the following settings.
        • Notify attendees on the Zoom Rooms display when the user checks in. : Shows how many people are in the meeting room on the Zoom Room display when you check-in.
        • Delete Recurring Meeting Series After Instance: Removes Zoom Rooms reservations from recurring appointments if check-in fails a specified number of times in a row.

      Note: The above settings can also be made for each building, floor, or individual room.

      Check-in method

      To check in to Zoom Rooms, you need to do one of the following:

      • Start a scheduled meeting.
      • Start an instant meeting from Zoom Rooms.
      • Make a phone call from the room.
      • Start screen sharing.
      • Check-in from the controller.
      • Check-in from the schedule creation display.

      If you do not start or check-in within the set time, Zoom Rooms will be unbooked from your appointment. 


      Check-in from ZoomRooms controller

      The controller [meeting list] and select the schedule of the corresponding in, in case the meeting is a Zoom meeting [start] button, if it is not Zoom meetings [check-in] and then tap the button.

    • Check-in from the schedule creation display

      Tap the Check-in button that appears next to your planned check-in .

How to check out

If the meeting ends before the scheduled time, a checkout will make the rest of the time available to others.

Check out from ZoomRooms controller

The controller [meeting] in [check out] and then tap the button.

Check out from the scheduling display

Tap the Check Out button that appears to the right of the appointment you want to check out .


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