Zoom Basic Setting and Requirements

System requirements and network requirements

System requirements (Zoom Rooms)
System requirements (PC, Mac)
System requirements (iOS and Android)
Network firewall and proxy settings
Please tell me the required network bandwidth
Bandwidth requirements and participant bandwidth limits


TODO that the user needs first

Activation procedure for users invited to your account
I want to check the operation of audio equipment (before / during a meeting)
Windows and Mac start


Installing apps and plugins

How to install the application (PC version)
How to install on Mac
Failed to upgrade the Zoom app. How can I upgrade the app?
On Windows, there is a problem that the Zoom app cannot be uninstalled. What should I do?
Bulk installation and configuration of Windows
Advanced desktop client settings
Please tell me how to change the language setting of the Zoom app. (Mac)
What version of Zoom are I currently using?
Where can I download the latest version?
How to install the app (iPhone and Android)
Where are the Mac apps?
Error message “Mac OS is not supported”
Launch Zoom from a web browser
Install Zoom on Windows 10 Creators Update
Please tell me the link destination of the Zoom installer
Installation (Linux)
How to uninstall (Mac OS)
I want to start Zoom with Chrome


Join the meeting

How to attend a meeting
Join a meeting on iOS or Android
Can I connect to Zoom from a Sony TV conferencing system?
I want to join a meeting without installing the Zoom app
Can I join a meeting from Zoom Rooms that is not linked to the calendar?


Watch how to use in video

Watch a 1-minute video of how to use the Zoom meeting (Summary)


TODO that the owner / administrator needs first

How to change your password
How to register a user (basic edition)
Register the user (import as CSV file)
How to download the Zoom app
How can I automatically display the contacts in my account in the app?
[User] I want to delete my account
[Administrator] Assign a webinar license to a user
I want to display the Zoom app (Zoom window) while sharing the screen


Trial license

I currently have a professional license. Please tell me the procedure for migrating to a business license.
Even if I click the URL in the invitation email, Javascript does not work in IE11 and I cannot activate it.
Please tell me the flow of issuing a trial license.
How many months can a trial license be used?


Hold a meeting

How to change the language of Zoom meeting invitation emails
Hold a meeting on iOS or Android
Easy way to call out to an H.323 / SIP device
Start a meeting from Zoom Rooms
I want to limit the number of people who can attend a meeting


Use case

[PDF] Introduction example in the personnel department (Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS Co., Ltd.)
Are there any examples of use in the ocean (on board)?



Zoom Web Client Quick Start Guide
「At Risk Meeting Notifier」
What is a technical review?
[Owner] What should I do if the vanity URL is not approved?
I haven’t received the activation email when I signed up. What should I do?
[Administrator] How to troubleshoot Zoom using the dashboard
The meeting was forcibly logged out in 40 minutes. why?
Comparison of desktop clients, mobile apps, and web clients
Can I use Zoom Meetings in China?
Please wait for the host to start this meeting / webinar
How do I exit the Zoom app on Windows?